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Yumega oils are carefully produced and blended to help condition the skin of Dogs & Cats. The oils have been chosen for their known benefits to the skin; improving skin health, coat shine, reducing itching, scaling and sensitivity.

Yumega is a unique blend of Omega 3 and 6 oils from natural plant sources specially selected to help maintain a healthy, soft & shiny coat, nourish the skin and help with moulting. Yumega Plus has the addition of fresh salmon oil as is aimed at giving aid by calming sensitive skin and reducing itching and scratching over the long term.

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Yumega Benefits

  • Yumega is a unique blend of Omega 3 and 6 oils from natural plant sources specially selected to help maintain a healthy, soft & shiny coat, nourish the skin and help with moulting.
  • Yumega is proven to help maintain a healthy skin and soft, shiny coat in as little as 3 - 6 weeks.

Beneficial effects of yumega on the skin and coat

Yumega Feeding Recommendations

To feed Yumega and Yumega Plus you mix the appropriate amount in with your dog or cat's main meal.


Yumega Feeding Recommendations


For an average 5kg cat, mix 1ml with food daily. For smaller cats, apply 4 drops per kg of body weight.

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Questions & Answers for Yumega

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Yumega, including answers from our team.

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Is the dog version the same as the cat one?

22nd Jan 2016
  • VioVet Customer Since: August 2014
  • From: The Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom

I don't want to buy one bottle for dogs and another for the cats if they are identical products. Can anyone tell me if there's any difference (other than bottle size) between Yumega for dogs and Yumega for cats?

  • Marketing Assistant

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your query.

Yes, there are differences, the composition is completely different. The "Cat" includes Evening Primrose Oil, Sunflower Oil and Salmon Oil, while the "Dog" has only Golden Flax Oil and Starflower Oil in it.

Cat with colitis

4th Nov 2015

She is also a hair puller. Would Yumega help this . she is on antibiotics and Can in GI 32

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

Over-grooming in cats can result in significant hair loss. The underlying cause is usually partly a "silly habit" and partly down to discomfort or itching from the skin. Yumega can certainly help reduce this last factor, so there is a reasonable chance that Yumega will help your cat. Routine flea control and helping her to feel relaxed and at ease in her home should also help. You could even try a Feliway Diffuser, as these can also help a lot sometimes.


12th Sep 2015

What is difference between yellow box yomega 3&6 and blue yumega plus please? Thank you

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

Yumega Plus contains Salmon oil and higher levels of some of the other ingredients, making it potentially better for dogs with itchy skins.

Itchy bottom

8th Sep 2015

would yumega help with an itchy bottom?

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

It might well help to some extent, but it depends what the cause of the itchy bottom is. There are many possible reasons. Yumega will not make any of them worse so it would be safe to try, but yo ucannot be sure it will make a big difference. Any itchy cat should receive diligent and thorough flea control, however unlikely it might seem that they are involved. Many, perhaps most, itchy cats show an exaggerated allergic-like response to occasional flea bites. This can set the skin up to be on the verge of reacting excessively to almost anything else. Other things might not push things beyond the "allergic threshold" if fleas were well controlled - whatever else is involved. Personally I might be tempted to try Yumega and also increased flea control measures for a while, but ideally you should check with your own vet first to rule out any other possible causes.

Does this contain Cod Liver Oil?

23rd Jun 2015

My nearly six month old border collie puppy has been suffering from scratching since we got her. We have been to the vets many times and her anal glands have been a bit of an issue, but the main of it now seems to be slightly dry skin and a thick coat. The vet recommended a supplement but warned us against Cod Liver Oil. This product seems a possible product, but am unsure whether it contains Cod Liver Oil.

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

Yumega should be very suitable to help in the treatment of your dog and it does not contain cod liver oil. I presume your vet has checked carefully for lice, fleas, mites etc, as these would be a common cause of this problem in such a puppy. They are not always very obvious.

Dog has very itchy skin

19th Jun 2015

Hi my dog is a staffiture bull terrier, she has very itchy skin and when she itches her fur will come out. Looking for something to help soothe her skin. Tried a lot of things as yet.

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

There are loads of possible causes of itchy skin and they have different treatments. First you should be sure there are no fleas around. Diligent flea control for a few months for all pets in the house is needed to be sure. Then a dietary allergy might be involved, or perhaps some other allergy. Your vet will need to advise you on this, as it is not helpful for me to try and guess. Whatever the underlying cause, it would be best to sort that out if possible, rather than just treating the symptoms. However I would say that the oil-based skin supplements such as Yumega can help to condition the skin and reduce itching and are never likely to cause trouble. If you have not tried one already, then Yumega is a good bet.


19th Jan 2015

Is yumega oil suitable for puppies?

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

Yumega is suitable for puppies over about 3 months of age, but should be introduced gradually over a week or so. The first dose should be very low and then gradually increased so that the digestion can adapt to it.

Excessive moult dandruff

4th Jan 2015

I have a 8 year old chocolate labrador that has been moulting quite a lot I have tried groming and brushing out the excess fur this only seems to bring dandruff like scurf to the surface of the fur, do you think this product will help this condition or can you recommend anything else, he is fed mainly on dry kibble.

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

Yumega should be very suitable for your dog. Regular grooming is also a good idea but the Yumega should help with the overall skin condition and health. If your labrador is overweight, it would be better to reduce the amount of food you give at the same time, as Yumega is high in calories.

Dog moults most of the year

30th Nov 2014

My dog has a double fur coat and it is very thick and he moults continuously. I have been advised to give him omega oil for this condition. Have you any knowledge on yumega oil for this condition?

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

Yumega is very good at helping the skin and coat of many dogs. It can improve the overall condition and health of the skin and improve the texture and appearance of the coat. This may or may not apply to your individual dog, depending partly on the current health of his skin and the nutritional make-up of his current diet. Some dogs do have a very dense, "double" coat and they will have to moult this out periodically. It should not normally be continuous though. I would certainly try the Yumega as it is likely to improve things, but you might well have to groom your dog regularly too. At least that way, the loose hair comes out on the comb/brush and is not shed around the house.


19th Jul 2014
Jenny Pike

Yumega 3/6 Plus has been recommended by a vet for my elderly cat's arthritis. Is this the right product as it only mentions skin complaints?

John Cousins
  • Veterinary Surgeon

It is widely believed that some oil supplements might help with artritis, though this has no scientific basis in most instances. Yumega comes from the same company who make Yumove which as you imply might be a lot better. It is made specifically to help with mobility issues and it is the product I personally would recommend for your cat. It has very different ingredients.