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YuDigest (Formerly Yumpro Bioactive) is a daily probiotic/prebiotic complex developed to support the natural balance in your pet's digestive system – ideal for dogs and cats with sensitive tummies. It’s the only probiotic for dogs and cats that includes Lintbells’ unique BioActiv™ complex - three natural prebitoics to block bad bacteria and feed good bacteria. Formulated to keep stools firm, reduce excess wind and increase good bacteria YuDigest is an ideal digestion support.

YuDigest Plus (Formerly Yumpro Bioactive Plus) is a premium quality digestive supplement which provides fast support for troubled tummies, and helps manage ongoing upsets. This veterinary strength complex of gut-supporting natural ingredients includes our unique high strength BioActiv™ probiotic and prebiotic formula. YuDigest Plus is fast acting for digestive emergencies, restores natural balance and binds bacteria, viruses and toxins, while topping up good bacteria.

NOTE: YuDigest and YuDigest Plus are the new direct replacements for Yumpro Bioactive and Yumpro Bioactive Plus. Once all the stock of Bioactive and Bioactive Plus have been sold, they will not be available again.

All information regarding the old Bioactive products and also the new YuDigest products can be found here.

YuDigest Product Information

Key ingredients

Probiotic Enterococcus faecium E1707 bacteria
Prebiotics MOS and scFOS
Beta Glucans


How does YuDIGEST Dog work?

Over 200 million probiotic Enterococcus faecium E1707 bacteria per tablet work daily to maintain your pet’s natural population of health-protecting gut bacteria.

High purity prebiotics MOS, scFOS and Beta Glucans help to block bad bacteria, whilst feeding the good bacteria that supports your pet’s digestive system.

The bioactive combination of probiotic and prebiotics support a healthy gut environment to aid your pet's digestive system, helping your cat or dog stay fit and active.

Feeding Guidelines

(Up to 10kg) 1 tablet
(11kg-25kg) 2 tablets
(26kg-40kg) 3 tablets
(over 40kg) 4 tablets

YuDigest Plus Product Information

Key Ingredients

Probiotic Enterococcus faecium E1707
Prebiotics MOS and scFOS
Montmorillonite clay
Beta Glucans
Linseed meal


How does YuDIGEST PLUS work?


How does YuDIGEST PLUS work?

Our unique blend of 3 different scientifically proven prebiotics and 1 billion probiotic bacteria per sachet support ‘good’ bacteria, and block ‘bad’ bacteria to ensure a healthy digestive balance.

Montmorillonite is a special kind of clay that binds viruses and toxins so they safely pass through your pet’s digestive system. It has been shown to be up to 20 times more effective than other commonly used clays such as Kaolin.

Threonine is an essential amino acid that helps the cells in the intestine to produce the protective gut lining that’s often lost during digestive upsets.

Linseed meal provides a natural source of fibre rich in lignans and antioxidants to support healthy digestion.

Feeding Guideline

(Up to 5kg) ½ sachet
(6-15kg) 1 sachet
(16-35kg) 2 sachets
(Over 35 kg) 3 sachets

Bioactive + Bioactive Plus Product Information

Yumpro BioActiv contains particularly high levels of probiotic bacteria, scientifically proven levels of three different prebiotics, along with other valuable ingredients to support digestive health and restore normal, effective function as quickly as possible.

Yumpro BioActiv is suitable to be used for dogs with poorly formed stools, excessive " wind", poor appetite or generally run down and not at their best. The combination of ingredients will help to restore the natural balance of the bacteria living in the gut through restoring levels of good bacteria and competitively competing with "bad" bacteria. They also help to support the health of the cells which line the intestine wall. This improves the effective barrier function between the gut contents and the body and encourages the absorption of useful nutrients.

Each Yumpro BioActiv sachet contains 1 billion probiotic bacteria! The other ingredients are three prebiotics as well as Montmorillonite (500mg), Threonine (200mg) and Lignan-rich fibre (2g). Sachets are added to food as required. The tasty Yumpro Activ tablets are readily accepted as treats by lots of dogs, with each tablet containg 200 million probiotic bacteria as well as the other active ingredients. It is suggested that Yumpro is given every day for as long as required, or as advised by your veterinary surgeon.


Bioactive Tablets

Fructo-oligosaccharides (26%), Yeast Extracts (26%), Beta Glucans (13%), Di Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate.

Bioactive Plus Powder

Linseed Meal (40%), Fructo-oligosaccharides (20%), Yeast Extracts (20%), Beta Glucans (2.5%).


Bioactive Tablets

Zootechnical Additive Enterococcus faecium (NCIMB 10415) E1707: 2.1x10^11 CFU/kg.

Bioactive Plus Powder

Zootechnical Additive Enterococcus faecium (NCIMB 10415) E1707: 2.1x10^11 CFU/kg; 1 x 10^9 CFU/sachet.

Theonine 40g/kg; 200mg/sachet.

Bentonite-montmorillonite E558 100g/kg; 500mg/sachet


Bioactive Tablets

  • Fat content - 6.4%
  • Protein - 9.7%
  • Crude fibre - 7.6%
  • Crude ash - 22%

Bioactive Plus Powder

  • Fat content - 9.2%
  • Protein - 20.7%
  • Crude fibre - 3.7%
  • Crude ash - 13.5%

Feeding guidelines

Bioactive Tablets

Yumpro tablets are given every day for as long as required, or as advised by your veterinary surgeon. The tasty Yumpro Activ tablets are readily accepted as treats by lots of dogs. You can give it to your dog either with their meal or on its own.

  • Small Breeds (up to 10kg): 1 Tablet
  • Medium Breeds (11-25kg): 2 Tablets
  • Large Breeds (26-40kg): 3 Tablets
  • Very Large Breeds (over 40kg): 4 Tablets.

Bioactive Plus Powder

Sprinkle the following amount over your dog's food daily for as long as required.

  • Up to 5kg - 0.5 sachet
  • 6-15kg - 1 sachet
  • 16-35kg - 2 sachets
  • Over 35kg - 3 sachets

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Questions & Answers for YuDigest

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding YuDigest, including answers from our team.

Ask Your Own Question

Corn allergy

29th Jan 2018


Could you please tell me if the yudigest sachets/tablets contain corn?
My dog has a corn allergy, but requires daily probiotics.
Could you please recommend a suitable, corn free product?

Many thanks.

  • Veterinary Advisor

Yudigest contains the following ingredients:

  • Beta Glucans.
  • Enterococcus faecium E1707.
  • Fructo-oligosaccharides.
  • Linseed Meal.
  • Mannan-oligosaccharides.
  • Montmorillonite.
  • Threonine.

So, as far as I can see should be perfectly fine for your dog.


20th Dec 2017

Will these help a yeast infection? She has reacuring yeast problems with her ears and now redness between her paw. Although these will need to be treated seperatly, I've been told she's got a yeast infection underlining that's caused these external issues. So I was hoping these would help with balancing that out ?

  • Veterinary Advisor

This supplement is helpful to restore balance in the digestive system which in turn can lead to better general health. Although they would not do any harm to try I don't think YuDigest will help with your dogs yeast problem. I would suggest using a shampoo such as Coatex Medicated Shampoo and prescription ear drops to address this- though your vet may have already advised this.

11th Oct 2017

My dog bite her paws and scratches her ears she has been treated before for yeast infection would this product help her thanks

  • Veterinary Advisor

It would be unlikely that Yudigest would help with this. Though wouldn't do any harm if you wanted to try it. I would suggest bathing with Coatex Medicated Shampoo regularly and a supplement intended specifically for skin such as Yumega instead.

Itching and scratching

30th Apr 2016
Janine Morgan
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2015
  • From: Lancashire, United Kingdom

My Yorkie has been nibbling at her back and cratching under her chin for a couple of weeks. she does not have fleas nor can I see any dry skin. I did notice some small red spots, one which has a yellow head on it, on the inside of her back legs. I read about trying probiotics. Would these tablets help with this condition?

  • Non-Executive Director

I am afraid that I do not think these tablets are likely to help her skin. From the sounds of it, she might have a superficial bacterial dermatitis, which would not respond to digestive pre/probiotics. My best advice would be to get her checked out by your vet. Failing that, you could try a conditioning shampoo and an oil-based supplement for her food. Good examples would be Coatex Medicated Shampoo and Yumega Itchy Dog.

Prone to pancreatitis

19th Aug 2015

My 7 year old dog has suffered from pancreatitis in the past and we therefore need to be very careful with the fat content of his diet. He does get loose stools from time to time without the pancreatitis (we watch him like a hawk during runny poo times!) - is he able to take this product safely?

  • Non-Executive Director

This product should be appropriate for a dog prone to pancreatitis, although the trigger factors for bouts of this condition are poorly understood and it will sometimes flare up again seemingly randomly. This supplement should be safe to give though and might well be helpful for the digestion generally.

My dog suffers with hepatic microvascukar dysplasia.

1st Jul 2015
Vanessa Coleman
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2010
  • From: cambs, United Kingdom

Would this product help her digestion .she is currently on hills diet id.
She does have a firm stool but her breath is bad and she can suffer flatulence.
She has bouts of diarrhoea but mostly firm stools.

  • Non-Executive Director

This is a good product to try, although the results in this type of situation are unpredictable. It will not make things worse and it certainly might make a big difference, but you only find out by trying. I would give it a go.

Free from any meat/fish products?

20th Apr 2015
Mrs Clarke
  • VioVet Customer Since: September 2010
  • From: Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Is this free from meat/fish products and animal and meat derivatives as our dog has a lot of food allergies.

  • Non-Executive Director

There are no meat or fish products or derivatives in Yumpro. It should be fine to give to your dog, though an allergy to one of the plant ingredients in Yumpro is still possible (though very unlikely).


2nd Jul 2014

Hi, are these products suitable for a dog with a cow's milk intolerance? thank you

  • Web Developer

Yumpro Bioactive and Bioactive Plus are free from dairy products so are suitable for dogs with milk intolerances.

Which Yumpro?

29th Jun 2014
Barbara Montford

I have a nine year old whippet who has had several episodes of colitis and intermittent diahorea. Just recently the vet prescribed a five day course of Yumpro Plus sachets at dosage of 1 per day (he weighs 12kg).

I was wondering if it might be a good idea to give him Yumpro regularly as a preventative as he has a very sensitive gut. I feed him Bionic Biotic every day at the moment but maybe the Yumpro would be more effective? He gets fed Burns sensitive biscuits, Penlan wet food and cooked chicken with white rice if he is especially unwell.

If I give him Yumpro regularly would it be better to use the sachets or the tablets?

  • Non-Executive Director

These products can safely be used according to their effect. If you find that a course helps, then you can continue to use it regularly, or stop and see what happens. If the beneficial effect lasts for a long time without further supplementation, then there is no need to keep going. If however things soon slip backwards, then on-going supplementation of the diet is a sensible idea. The choice of tablets or sachets is entirely up to you - whichever is easier for you to give. They should both do the same job, but some dogs accept one form more happily than the other.


27th Jun 2014

I have a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles who has chronic flatulence. His diet is Eden Holistic 80/20 he gets plenty of exercise. would this product help him?

  • Non-Executive Director

This is exactly the sort of product to help in your situation. An efficient digestion will always produce some gas, but it should not be excessive. I would try the Yumpro for a few weeks and see how things go. There is a good chance it will help. If not, then exploring different diets with different base ingredients could be your next step.