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Worlds Best Cat Litter

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World's Best Cat Litter is an all-natural product that is clumpable and easy to scoop, thus making removing litter from the tray easier and more sanitary. The clumps are designed to absorb fluids quickly, therefore minimising unpleasant odours that might hang around in the air.

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Aflatoxin from corn litter

21st Dec 2013
robert grove

I have heard that many cats and dogs have died from aflatoxin through using this kind of cat litter. How can we be certain this product is safe?

  • Non-Executive Director

Aflatoxin is produced by certain types of mould. It can only grow when the material is stored in moist, fairly warm conditions. It is a problem of cereal stored badly. It then "goes off" and smells like it, so it cannot be given to humans and is used in animal feed or litter. The toxin is very powerful, but is never present in properly stored cereal. Reliable companies with a reputation to maintain will not use sub-standard, dangerous ingredients. It is easy enough for them to test for aflatoxin during the manufacturing process. Essentially your best guide to the safety of a product is to buy those made by better manufacturers and supplied by responsible retailers. We are confident that none of our products will be a problem in this way. Degraded product tends to look and smell "spoiled" too, though I am not sure how reliably you can assess this sort of thing yourself. I am told it is easy to recognise this sort of product when it has been spoiled, but I have no experience of that myself.

It is possible that the mould will grow in the litter after you have bought it. However this can only happen if it is stored warm and moist. With a bit of care, you can easily prevent this. Once in the litter tray, the urine itself is quite antiseptic and even if you are slow to change the litter, mould will not grow in it. (Other microbes will, causing ammonia to be released. This is very smelly in a different way, and also anti-microbial in itself.)