Virbac Speed Ovulation Test Kit

Virbac Speed Ovulation Test Kit
6 Tests

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A semi-quantitative serum progesterone assay that takes less than 15 minutes to complete. With colour intensity determining four levels of progesterone the test enables the clinician to precisely predict the point of ovulation. Substrate solutions are used as required without the need of making and freezing mixed solutions. Stored in the fridge for up to 14 months the test is accurate, practical and economic.


  • Highly reliable, the Speed Ovulation Test measures the blood concentration of progesterone, a reliable indicator of the stage of the reproductive cycle in the bitch
  • Quick and easy to use, the Speed Ovulation Test enables the practitioner to undertake regular, precise and complete monitoring of bitches’ seasons
  • By predicting the precise moment of ovulation, the Speed Ovulation Test can help to increase the fertility rate by reducing the number of matings or inseminations

Why use the Speed Ovulation Test?

Observation of the signs of heat are only an approximate method for determining the stage of the reproductive cycle in the bitch. Furthermore, 20% of bitches ovulate outside of the period between the 10th and 14th day after the start of heat

The vaginal smear is the preferred technique for detecting the start of oestrus, but is not accurate enough to determine the optimal time formating or insemination.

In the bitch, luteinization of the follicle starts 1 to 2 days before ovulation. The progesterone level thus progressively increases up to5 ng/ml at the time of ovulation.

When to use

After monitoring the stages of pro-oestrus by smear, the Speed Ovulation Test can be used to pinpoint the optimal date for mating or insemination.

  • The Speed Ovulation Test can be used to investigate fertility disorders: silent heats, anovulatory heats
  • During gestation, the Speed Ovulation Test can be used to help prevent the risks of abortion due to luteal insufficiency
  • When used in association with prodromal signs (decreased body temperature, presence of white milk, ultrasound monitoring) the Speed Ovulation Test is an indicator for determining the date of term and thus helps to prevent dystocia in predisposed animals

Equipment used per test

  • One test cup
  • One single-use pipette
  • One bottle of CONJUGATE One bottle for mixing the substrates
  • One bottle of WASHING SOLUTION 1
  • One bottle of WASHING SOLUTION 2
  • One bottle of SUBSTRATE A
  • One bottle of SUBSTRATE B
  • Leave the products at room temperature for 2 hours before using the test

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