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Virbac Nutribound Oral Solution

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When a cat or dog stops eating and drinking it can be very worrying. Often, this happens post-operatively or following illness, but sometimes inappetence is caused by a general lack of interest. Nutribound is an easily administered, liquid formulation designed to help stimulate eating and drinking, while aiding in your pet’s recovery and reducing time spent convalescing.

Containing the essential nutrients your pet needs to ‘bounce back,’ including omega 3 and 6, prebiotics for digestive integrity, and a host of vitamins, Nutribound is specially formulated to promote a hearty appetite and maintain hydration. It also supports immunity and gastrointestinal health, kick-starting your pet’s recovery. Nutribound can be taken for up to 14 consecutive days or until normal appetite returns.

When should Nutribound be used?

Periods of inappetence

For animals needing an extra boost of encouragement to eat or drink, whether due to illness or because of a general lack of interest, Nutribound can be used as an appetite stimulant.

  • Nutribound’s highly palatable formula stimulates the animal to eat and drink.
  • Comes in a handy sized, take home bottle.
  • Can easily be administered by the pet owner onto food or into drinking water at home.
  • Nutribound can be given for 14 consecutive days or until a return to normal eating or drinking behaviour is observed.

Veterinary procedures

Optimal functioning of the immune system is crucial after surgery to help the animal to recover faster and better.

  • Nutribound’s essential amino acids provide vital nutrition to the malnourished patient.
  • It provides a source of glutamine and prebiotics for intestinal cells.
  • Nutribound provides prebiotic fibres to stimulate intestinal function 5 .
  • Some animals may be inappetant for a while after surgery so Nutribound can be used to maintain hydration and increase the desire to eat complete diets.


Nutribound contains a selection of well-known ingredients recognised to aid recovery:

Zinc, Arginine, Glutamine, Prebiotics Help maintain the immune function 1- 5
Glutamine Aids in maintaining gastrointestinal tract integrity 6
Zinc, Arginine, Ω3 and Ω6 Key nutrients in skin turnover
Taurine and E Vitamins Antioxidant properties 7, 8
Inulin and Oligofructose (FOS) Intestinal microbial balance 9-11

What is zinc?

Zinc is an essential trace element for animals and is vital for many biological functions.

What are prebiotics?

A non-digestible food ingredient that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines.

What is arginine?

A basic amino acid which is a constituent of most proteins. It is an essential nutrient in the diet of vertebrates.

What is glutamine?

A hydrophilic amino acid which is a constituent of most proteins.


Nutribound can be given for up to 14 days or until a return to normal eating and drinking behaviour. It can be given:

  • Poured on food
  • With water
  • On its own
  • Or even by tube or syringe feeding

Due to Nutribound’s liquid form, tube feeding does not require any dilution of the product.

IN DOGS (per day)

< 10 kg 15 - 30 ml
10 - 20 kg 30 - 50 ml
> 20 kg 50 - 70 ml

IN CATS (per day)

4 kg 24 ml
6 kg 36 ml
8 kg 48 ml

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What is the maximum length of use?

20th Feb 2017
Elaine Finch
  • VioVet Customer Since: December 2016
  • From: Hampshire, United Kingdom

I have a 15+ year old rescue cat. She has given up trying to eat dried food as she has had most of her teeth removed, She suffers from hair balls and IBD so won't eat much wet food, but loves this when mashed into food encouraging her to eat more. Can it be used indefinitely?

  • Website Content Developer

Hi Elaine,

The advice that comes with this product is: Nutribound can be given for 14 consecutive days or until a return to normal eating or drinking behaviour is observed.

Therefore we wouldn't advise feeding it indefinitely. For more info, you might want to get in touch with Virbac directly who are best placed to advise on their product.

I hope this helps.