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Vetark Critical Care Formula

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Critical care Formula is used in any and all species.

The product is a mixture of selected short chain maltodextrins (derived from corn starch) and a protein concentrate supplemented with amino acids. The protein source has been designed to match the constituents of whole egg protein. The product is zero fibre so in herbivores it can be mixed with ground grass products as the animal recovers.

Each 100g contains 361 kcal of energy and 14.4g of protein, this aims to provide 4g protein/100kcal. Made up at 1: 2, it provides 1.4kcal/ml. The osmolality is carefully regulated to ensure absorption, it should not be used more concentrated than this.

Feeding guidelines

For direct feeding , mix at a rate of 1 scoop plus 3-5 scoops of water.

The quantity to feed depends on the animal's metabolic rate, so birds require more than mammals which require more than reptiles.


1 scoop (5ml) per 200g of body weight, spread throughout the day. Crop tubing only 2-3 times a day is suggested.


Use 1 scoop (5ml) per 250g of body weight.


Use 1 scoop (5ml) per 1kg of bodyweight per day.

As a simple supplement for animals needing extra energy Critical Care Formula can be added to drinking water at a rate of 1 scoop per 200ml.

Administration via tube must be carried out under appropriate veterinary discretion.

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3rd Oct 2015
Eve Martin
  • VioVet Customer Since: January 2014
  • From: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Can this be used on my rabbit that has lost weight? Which has seen the vet and is on medication.

  • Non-Executive Director

This product is often used in rabbits and so it might well be suitable, but it should not be given alone. It has to be mixed with some more usual rabbit food and just used to boost the nutritional value to help with recovery. Ultimately any underlying problem will need to be treated by your vet. This just helps with recovery afterwards.