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VetPlus Switch Lotion for Horses

  • 250ml Bottle £29.99

Switch Lotion is a ready to use liquid solution to facilitate the maintenance of Sweet Itch in horses, ponies and donkeys. Easy to use thanks to a calibrated dispensing chamber found within the applicator bottle. Use Switch Lotion at the start of Sweet Itch season and repeated as and when needed.

4% w/v (4 g/100ml) Permethrin (cis:trans 80:20).

External pour-on liquid to aid control of Sweet Itch in horses & donkeys.

Switch is a ready to use solution that should be applied at a rate of 1 ml per 10 kg bodyweight to a maximum of 40 ml. Apply Switch using the calibrated dispesing chamber incorporated into the applicator bottle. Apply the measured dose in roughly equal portions to the mane and rump avoiding the saddle area. Treatment should be started at the beginning of the sweet itch season and repeated as necessary. If horses and donkeys are to be groomed, apply Switch after grooming.

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Questions & Answers for VetPlus Switch Lotion for Horses

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Can switch be used on pregnant mares?

8th May 2016
Lana Spence
  • VioVet Customer Since: June 2015
  • From: Scottish Borders, United Kingdom

Can switch be used on pregnant mares to kill lice?

  • Non-Executive Director

Yes this is acceptable. As long as you use it in accordance with the manufacturer's directions, it should be safe for a pregnant mare.

Horse with lice..

7th May 2016
  • VioVet Customer Since: May 2016
  • From: North Ayrshire, United Kingdom

A new horse in the yard has a huge burden of lice. We are using liquid Switch, can you advise length of treatment and quarantine required please?


  • Non-Executive Director

If one has a huge burden, any of the others may have a few and are acting as carriers. Complete elimination is best achieved by treating all in-contact horses as well. Treatment/quarantine continues for 2 weeks after no living lice can be found anywhere on any horse. It is possible just to treat the horse(s) which appear to have lice and eliminate them, but this is less reliable because some transfer of lice tends to occur without you being aware of it. I would have to wonder if the badly affected horse is in poor condition or has Cushing's disease or something. As a general observation, well groomed horses in good physical condition rarely suffer with lice, though they might have the odd one or two in the dense hair of the main etc. Immuno-compromised horses are more likely to suffer. Therefore as well as treating the lice, it is worth considering if the general health and grooming could be improved. There is plenty of good advice about this topic online and of course you can ask your vet too.

Can Switch be used on broken skin

21st Aug 2015

Pony had rubbed it mane and has a couple of damaged areas of skin on the mane. Can switch still be applied.

  • Non-Executive Director

Switch can be used on broken skin and indeed it is usually applied to areas which are rubbed and prone to getting sore. It should not be applied to extensive wounds, but the sort of abrasions likely to be encountered are not a significant problem. Indeed in a way you have to try and do something to reduce the itching, or the wounds will get worse.

Riding horse whilst using switch

16th Aug 2015
john price

Can the horse be used for riding whilst using switch?

  • Non-Executive Director

A horse can be worked as normal when Switch is used, this is completely fine.

Horses for Human Consumption

15th Jul 2014
Sara Roberts

I'm wondering if this product can be used on horses intended for human consumption or not.

  • Web Developer

Switch should not be used on horses that are for human consumption.

Horse weight

1st May 2014
L Moore

how can I estimate the weight of my cob - i do not have a weight tape

  • Web Developer

You could measure what is known as the heart girth, which is around the midsection, immediately behind the elbow and withers. Then measure from the point of the shoulder to the point of the buttock (tuber ischii). There are calculators online where you can enter these details and it will give you an approximate weight.