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VacciCheck Canine Antibody Test Kit

  • Pack of 12 tests £229.49

VacciCheck Antibody Test Kit is a simple and affordable in-clinic titer test designed to monitor serological status and vaccination failure to prevent overvaccination consequences. VacciCheck provides reliable and accurate results in just 21 minutes.

Measures canine antibody titer to:

  • Infectious Hepatitis (ICH)
  • Parvovirus (CPV)
  • Distemper (CDV)

ImmunoComb VacciCheck is:

  • The only semi-quantitative kit on the market
  • Solid phase “dot” ELISA
  • Affordable and simple to run
  • A guide for revaccination decisions
  • Three diseases in just one test
  • Self contained
  • Shelf life of 1-year
  • Results in just 21 minutes

Serology testing is useful after a dog vaccination to indicate whether immunization success has been achieved. In this way the veterinarian can modify vaccine programs for individual puppies. The cut-off values of the VacciCheck kits correlate with the vaccination recommendations of the Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Two main components:

The comb has 12 teeth. Each tooth tests one blood or serum sample and can provide up to three tests: ICH, CPV and CDV

The developing plate has multiple compartments, which contain the necessary reagents for comb developments.

Obtaining Results

1. Obtain blood or serum from animal(s). Just 5 µL serum or 10 µL blood.

2. Deposit blood or serum sample(s) into well(s) A in developing plate.

3. Insert Comb into well(s) A. Incubate for specified time.

4. Transfer the Comb from well(s) A to well(s) F in a timed sequence. Time intervals vary according to type of kit.

5. Let Comb dry and read results. The color intensity of spots on Comb corresponds to antibody level.

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Use at home

13th Jun 2017

Is this product for vet use only or can I do this test at home.

  • Veterinary Advisor

This product is designed for in practice use by a vet as it requires blood to be taken from the animal for the test.