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Uri-Balance (Methigel) Urinary Acidifier for Dogs & Cats

  • 120g Tube £8.49

Uri-Balance (formally Methigel) supports good urinary tract health when dietary changes are impractical, as with multiple cat households or refusal by finicky eaters. It's specially formulated to appeal to cats in an easy-to-administer gel. The gel formulation assures more accurate amounts than conventional tablets, and the convenient tube size allows economic dispensing.­

Many types of bacteria require a stable and relatively neutral pH level in order to survive. Thus, when you lower the pH in your pet's urine, many bacteria are killed as they can no longer thrive as the urine flows normally through your cat's urinary tract. This normal cleansing naturally eliminates the bacteria and the infection without having to resort to specific antibacterial drugs, Uri-Balance provides a natural solution to the acidic imbalances returning normal bladder and urinary tract function.


Corn syrup, malt syrup, white petrolatum, dl-methionine, soybean oil, cane molasses, mineral oil, cod liver oil, water, methylcellulose and sodium benzoate (preservative).


  • Crude Protein - 15% (Min)
  • Crude Fat - 0.5% (Min)
  • Moisture - 20% (Max)
  • Fibre - 1% (Max)
  • Ash - 1% (Max)

Guaranteed analysis per teaspoon (6 grams) dl-Methionine 480 mg (8%).

Instructions for use

Uri-Balance is extremely palatable. To stimulate taste interest, place a small amount of Uri-Balance on animal's nose or directly into mouth. Should be fed alongside normal diet.

  • Cats: ½ to 1 teaspoonful daily
  • Dogs: 1 teaspoonful daily


Uri-Balance should not be administered to animals with liver or kidney disease. Not for use with other urinary acidifying diets. Not intended for pregnant or nursing animals. Not for use in animals less than 1 year of age. Large amounts of Uri-Balance may cause gastrointestinal upset when fed on an empty stomach. Uri-Balance should be offered under the strict guidance of your veterinarian.

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Reviews of Uri-Balance (Methigel) Urinary Acidifier for Dogs & Cats

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Questions & Answers for Uri-Balance (Methigel) Urinary Acidifier for Dogs & Cats

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Uri-Balance (Methigel) Urinary Acidifier for Dogs & Cats, including answers from our team.

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Night wee.

1st Nov 2015

8mth puppy wakes 3/4 am every morning for a wee. And free will only sleep until 5-30. Help.1924

  • Non-Executive Director

This is more likely to be a habit than a medical situation. Ideally you should get your vet to check if there is any medical reason for your puppy to need to urinate so frequently, but it would be more usual to be a caring, attentive owner and a puppy which likes attention. I would be tempted to change how you handle the night-time routine, but you need more advice than I can offer by email.Again your vet might be able to help with this, or advise you who locally you can ask. Good luck, I think you deserve some sleep!

Kidney function tests?

8th May 2014

Please can you tell me, is it necessary for my dog to have regular 4 monthly blood tests for kidney function becsause she is using this product? She has no history of kidney disease.

  • Non-Executive Director

This product should not cause any trouble with the kidneys. However it is not recommended to be given to animals which have poor kidneys anyway. Possibly your vet wants to ensure that if there is any sign of reduced kidney function developing, you will know about and can act accordingly. I would say that most people do not have any such blood tests done when using this product and it does not seem to be associated with any particular problems. If in doubt, talk to your vet about this.