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Tumil-K for Dogs & Cats

  • Powder » 114g Tub £51.49

Tumil-K is used as a potassium supplement for cats and dogs. Older cats are commonly deficient in this important mineral, with serious and wide-ranging consequences. Reduced potassium levels (known medically as hypokalaemia) is usually the result of reduced kidney or liver function. It can be diagnosed by your vet with a blood test, and is often associated with the following symptoms:

  • Muscle weakness & pain
  • Stiffened posture & movements
  • Reduced inclination to move
  • Inability to lift the head, resulting in a "nose down" posture
  • Increased thirst & urine production
  • Weight loss

Tumil-K should be given every day for life, or as long as advised by your vet, at a rate of one tablet per 4.5kg bodyweight.

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Tumil k

30th Sep 2013
Janet Pickles

Can you please tell me who manufacture your tumil k.

  • Veterinary Office Assistant

Virbac is the manufacturer of Tumil-K