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Tardak for Dogs & Cats

  • 10ml Multi-dose Bottle for Injection £89.99

This product is sourced in the United Kingdom and is intended for use in the United Kindgom only.

Tardak is given by injection. It is an anti-androgen and acts against some of the effects of testosterone. It can be used to provide a temporary effect similar to castration, but without any surgery. The effect usually wears off after a few weeks and can be repeated as required.

Tardak is used in dogs and cats and can be given to help with certain medical conditions or unwanted behavioural tendencies.


A sterile aqueous suspension for injection of micronised delmadinone acetate. Each ml contains 10 mg delmadinone acetate. Also contains 0.2 mg/ml benzalkonium chloride and 1mg/ml EDTA as preservatives.


Tardak is for use in male dogs and cats in the following indications:

1.The treatment of hypersexuality (including vagrancy).

2.The relief of prostatic hypertrophy whether benign, carcinomatous or when due to chronic inflammatory processes. (In cases of the latter, relief cannot be expected unless appropriate accompanying therapy, such as corticoids or antibiotics is also instituted.)

3.For the treatment of circum-anal tumours.

4.For the treatment of certain forms of aggressiveness, nervousness, epileptiform seizures and corticoid-resistant pruritus (developing into dermatoses and accompanied by alopecia).

Dosage and administration

Route: Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. Dose levels should be individually selected, taking into consideration the weight of the animal and the severity of the condition to be treated. The following dosage recommendations may be taken as a guideline.

Up to 10 kg

1.5–2.0 mg/kg body weight

10 to 20 kg

1.0–1.5 mg/kg body weight

20 kg and above

1.0 mg/kg body weight

In most cases it is necessary to allow two to four days to elapse before the effect of the treatment is observed.

Animals not showing improvement within eight days should be treated a second time with at least the dose level previously given.

Animals showing a favourable response can be expected to require follow-up treatment after a three to four week period. Further treatment in 'social indications' is recommended at the first sign of reappearance of the effectively controlled indication.

Contra-indications, warnings, etc

Owners should be clearly warned that an immediate effect cannot be expected following administration of Tardak.

Tardak should not be used in dogs already receiving progestogens.

Animals treated with Tardak at stud could show a transient reduction in fertility and libido.

Transient side-effects of increased appetite, polydipsia and polyuria have occasionally been seen following administration of Tardak. Controlling food intake will prevent an increase in bodyweight. However, where these effects are excessive, therapy should cease.

As some progestogen injections can cause local changes in the hair coat such as lightening of colour and/or hair loss, it is recommended that subcutaneous injections are given at an inconspicuous site, e.g. inner surface of the thigh.

Tardak should be used with great care when animals are under treatment with other steroids.

Tardak should not be used in diabetic animals.

Operator warnings:

Preparations containing progestogens should be handled with care, particularly by women of child-bearing age.

Avoid contact with skin. Impervious gloves should be worn whilst administering this product.

In case of contact with skin, wash off any product with soap and water. If eye exposure occurs, flush immediately with water.

In case of accidental self-injection, seek medical attention.

Pharmaceutical precautions

Shake the container before use. Do not store above 25°C. Protect from light.

Following withdrawal of the first dose, use the product within 28 days. Discard any unused material.

Dispose of any unused product and empty containers in accordance with guidance from your local waste regulation authority.

Keep out of the reach of children. For animal treatment only.

Legal category


Packaging Quantities

10 ml vials.

Further information


Marketing authorisation number

Vm 00057/4156.

GTIN (Global Trade Item No)

10 ml:


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Questions & Answers for Tardak for Dogs & Cats

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Tardak for Dogs & Cats, including answers from our team.

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25th Oct 2017

Will have a bitch in season soon and am thinking of having our full male injected to help with this. He is a show dog so don’t want anything that will impact on this. Will Tardac be suitable and are there any side effects

  • Veterinary Advisor

This is something you will need to discuss with your own vet but I am not sure this is the best solution in a dog intended for showing. Tardak should be given in an inconspicuous place since it can cause hair loss or a change in coat colour at the injection site. There can also be other side effects such as increased appetite, drinking and urination. Ideally you would just keep the two separated whilst your bitch is in season.

How long until see effect?

3rd Dec 2016

Hi, our 15week old black lab was given this as he has very high testosterone levels. Was advised that this would calm him down for a couple of months. How long should it take to see a difference?

  • Veterinary Advisor

In most cases it is necessary to allow two to four days to elapse before the effect of the treatment is observed. Animals not showing improvement within eight days should be treated a second time with at least the dose level previously given.

Help with dysuria

27th Jun 2015

My 7 yr old collie cross has developed dysuria due to too high testosterone levels. He was treated with Tardak 3 weeks ago and his problem has gone, as he's being castrated in 5 days yet it takes around 4 weeks for castration to lower testosterone levels , if his dysuria returned would tardak cover the interim period effectively?. Thank you.

  • Non-Executive Director

I would expect that another dose of Tardak would indeed be effective if needed.You might well find that another one will not be required in fact. You would have to discuss this with your own vet of course.