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Synoquin EFA Joint Supplement

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Synoquin EFA, one of the leading joint care supplements aids stiff joints and supports mobility. Synoquin EFA contains Dexahan, a unique source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Omega 3 EFAs are an excellent supplement to add to your pet’s diet as they have lots of health benefits and are often used to aid in the management of joints. Dexahan is a concentrated source of krill, a tiny crustacean with an especially big nutritional benefit! The EFAs in krill oil are more easily digested and utilised by the body than those from other sources. They come from an environmentally friendly source, are packed with antioxidants and don’t cause your pet to get fishy breath.

For horses there is the palatable powder Synequin Equine.


Synoquin EFA

Each Capsule or Tablet Contains: Small Breed <10kg Medium Breed 10-25kg Large Breed >25kg
Glucosamine HCI (99%0 225mg 360mg 475mg

Chondroitin Sulphate (95%)

95mg 135mg 200mg
Dexahan 95mg 135mg 200mg
Ascorbic Acid 22mg 35mg 50mg
Zince sulphate 15mg 20mg 30mg

Feeding Guidelines

Small breed tablets (Dogs up to 10kg)

  • Initial Loading rate for six weeks: 2 tablets daily (1 morning, 1 evening)
  • Maintenance rate for long term use: 1 tablet daily

All dogs respond differently to supplementation. If the reduction causes your dog`s condition to regress, intake can safely be increased until an optimum level is reached. Please consult your veterinary surgeon.

Medium Breed Tablets (Dogs between 10 - 25kg)

  • Initial Loading rate for six weeks: 3 tablets daily (2 morning, 1 evening)
  • Maintenance rate for long term use: one tablet daily

All dogs respond differently to supplementation. If the reduction causes your dog`s condition to regress, intake can safely be increased until an optimum level is reached. Please consult your veterinary surgeon.

Large Breed Tablets (Dogs over 25kg)

  • Initial Loading Rate for six weeks for dogs weighing between 25-40kg: 3 tablets daily (2 morning, 1 evening)
  • Inital Loading Rate for six weeks for dogs weighing 40kg and over: 4 tablets daily (2 morning, 2 evening)
  • Maintenance rate between 25-40kg: 1 tablet daily
  • Maintenance rate for dogs over 40kg: 2 tablet daily (1 morning, 1 evening)

Please consult your veterinary surgeon for further administration advice.

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Questions & Answers for Synoquin EFA Joint Supplement

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Synoquin EFA Joint Supplement, including answers from our team.

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Puppy Growth or Small Breed?

17th Feb 2017
amy pixie

My pixie is 11 months old with weight 3.2kg which one should i order for puppy growth or small breed?

  • Brand Manager

Generally, very small breeds of dogs have finished growing, and are regarded as adults from about 10 months of age. I recommend putting your dog onto the Small Breed tablets/capsules.


11th Oct 2016
Martina Lee
  • VioVet Customer Since: August 2015
  • From: , Hong Kong

My girl (11.5kg) is taking another brand joint supplement for a while and would like to change to Synoquin instead. In this case, should I just give the dosage as "Maintenance" or need to start from "Initial"? Thank you.

  • Veterinary Advisor

It really depends on which joint supplement you previously used. If the ingredients are very similar (which most joint supplements tend to be) then starting on the maintenance dose of one tablet daily should be sufficient.

How much protein does synoquin contain?

3rd Nov 2015

My old girl is currently on a prescription kidney diet. I've been advised that she needs reduced protein. How much protein is in synoquin?

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

On a percentage basis, Synoquin is high in protein (38% of the 1.1g capsules for example, mostly down to the gelatin capsule itself). However this is not the point because you are not feeding her whole meals consisting of mainly Synoquin. The total amount of protein in a capsule is less than half of a gram, which is completely negligible as a contribution to the protein level of the overall diet. As long as you are using Synoquin at the sort of dose levels advised, you do not need to worry about its protein content.


8th Oct 2015

My cat was recently diagnosed with ckd. We are managing this through diet and sub cuts. She also suffers from arthritis and has been on synoquin long term. We have just managed to get her eating again. Can you let me know if it safe to start the synoquin again in light of the ckd?

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

Synoquin should be perfectly OK to give her as long as she is eating and drinking reasonably well. If either of these are not adequate, the they are more important and you have to concentrate on them. Otherwise it is a good plan to help her joints as much as you can.


27th Mar 2015
Brian Holland

Can Buddy, a staffordshire bull terrier 13 yrs of age, take SYNOQUIN whist taking prescibed ant-inflammatory tablets.

  • Brand Manager

The ingredients in Synoquin are unlikely to react with those of prescribed medication but it would be worth checking with your vet for Buddy's specific medication. A lot of supplements can be used very safely alongside anti-inflammatory medications.

Synoquin EFA

3rd Jul 2014

Hi, wondering if my dog can consume Synoquin EFA as she having liver issues & one of the ingredients –krill really concern me. Thanks a lot.

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

Synoquin EFA is probably the leading brand for canine joint supplements. The krill component is an oily extract from the krill which is high in omega-3 fatty acids, as well as antioxidants. These things are thought often to be beneficial in liver disease, though it depends to a certain extent on the precise nature of the disease process occurring in the liver. My initial reaction would be to say that Synoquin EFA is probably a good choice for your dog. If you are still concerned then a brand like Cosequin is very similar in other ways, but does not have the krill extract.

Seraquin or Synoquin

16th Dec 2013
Molly Black

I'm wondering if Seraquin or Synoquin is ok to give my female dog which is still feeding puppies.
And at what age is Seraquin or Synoquin ok to give pups?

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

Either of these products is safe to give to your bitch, and to the puppies. They are recommended from 3 months of age for young dogs. The Synoquin Growth is probably the ideal product for the pups. It is likely to be more beneficial to large breed dogs, or puppies which are very active or overweight. These are the individuals which are likely to put the most strain on their developing joints. The average small breed dog is less likely to benefit from this sort of supplementation until it is older, unless it has a joint injury or developmental joint problem.


25th Nov 2013

I see that Synoquin is an effective nutritional supplement that supports the growth and maintenance of cartilage to ensure healthy and normal joint function in dogs, cats and horses. Does that mean that given the correct dosage I can buy a 1kg tub and give that to my dogs instead of the Synoqin Tasty tablets which I understand are now discontinued.


Richard Spratley
  • Web Developer

Unfortunately the Synequin powder is only recommended for use on horses. The equivalent for dogs would be the Synoquin capsules or tablets. The capsules can be administered by opening up and sprinkling on the dog's food.

Synoquin Tasty

18th Jun 2013
Jean Witton

Do you still stock Synoquin Tasty .? I cant see it listed.

  • Non-Executive Director

The synoquin tasty have been discontinued by the manufacturer, they are no longer available. The synoquin EFA are the replacements and are an improved recipe.