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These Schirmer Tear Test Strips can be used to measure tear production in cats, dogs and other small animals. The Schirmer Test Strips are placed inside the lower eyelid and after a minute the wet area of the strip should be measured and then compared using the chart. Each box contains 10 envelopes of 5 pairs of strips.

Schirmer Tear Test Strips can be used to help measure tear production.

A small strip is placed inside the lower eyelid and over one minute, the tears soak and migrate up the strip, causing a change in colour. The wet area of the strip is then measured and compared to normal values

One box contains 10 envelopes of 5 sets of 2 strips each per envelope.

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Questions & Answers for Schirmer Tear Test

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Schirmer Tear Test, including answers from our team.

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Expected results

3rd Jul 2015

What is the expected results of this test on a 8 week old puppy with normal tear production?

  • Non-Executive Director

I would expect 15mm of wetting within 1 minute. Many dogs will produce a lot more than this, though small puppies tend to be slower.

When to use

20th Mar 2014

How early can this test be used if you suspect dry eye in a puppy

  • Non-Executive Director

The test can be done from any age. I am not sure how well you can interpret the results on puppies under about 12 weeks old, but it will measure tear flow in any age. Dry eye would be unusual in a puppy though, it is normally acquired in older dogs from about 6 years of age.