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SF-50 (replaces SA37)

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SF-50 is a multivitamin and mineral supplement, boosted with added Calcium, that is designed to maintain top condition in dogs, cats, birds and most other small species. Boasting a superb broad spectrum of top quality nutrients including minerals, trace elements and vitamins, SF-50 is ideal for ensuring a healthy, active and enjoyable life with your pets. Containing high levels of Calcium, Vitamins A, B, D & E in addition to Iron and Copper, SF-50 Stress Formula supplements your pet's diet to provide all round excellent nutrition. Ideal for sporting dogs and greyhounds, SF-50 is particularly effective for animals required for competition due to its stress-busting formula.

Daily Feeding Guide
Dogs, cats and other animals reptiles or birds kept as domestic pets should benefit from regular daily use of SF-50. It helps ensure a correctly balanced supply of essential nutrients for good condition and healthy coats and skin. Use in growing puppies, pregnant or lactating bitches and during periods of stress or recovery.

Adult Dogs give ¼ to ½ teaspoonful (1-2g) per 10kg (22lb)
Puppies, Cats and Kittens give ¼ to 1 teaspoonful (1-4g) daily according to size.

Approx dietary analysis per kg
Vit A 360,000 iu
Vit D 3,3600 iu
Vit.E 2,700 iu
Vit. K3 45mg
Vit.B1 45mg
Vit. B2 108mg
Vit. B6 54mg
Vit.B12 360mcg
Nicotinamide 720mcg
Calc.Pantothenate 216mcg
Biotin 3.6mg
Folic Acid 90mg
Copper 360mg
Iron 540mg
Manganese 1440mg
Cobalt 18mg
Iodine 18mg
Zinc 1440mg
Selenium 3.6mg
Choline Chloride 1800mg
Monocalcium Phosphate 78.6mg
Magnesium 720mg
Sodium (as chloride) 191 mg
Dried Brewers Yeast 100g
Natural Limestone Flour to 1kg

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Reviews of SF-50 (replaces SA37)

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Questions & Answers for SF-50 (replaces SA37)

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding SF-50 (replaces SA37), including answers from our team.

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Will it stop my dog who is albino white scratching himself

27th Oct 2016

Will it stop my dog who is albino white scratching himself ive tried itchy dog full of omega 3 it hasn't worked

  • Veterinary Advisor

If the itchy dog supplement hasn't worked then I doubt that this one will either. There are a few different causes of itchy skin in dogs. The most common is fleas so make sure your dog is up to date with flea treatments including treatment of the house. Otherwise an allergy to certain foods or something in your dogs environment is possible. It would be useful to have your vet examine your dog to help determine an underlying cause for the itchiness. Once you have determined the cause something like Yumega Itchy dog or SF-50 would be a good choice to help maintain healthy skin.

Suitable for SBS?

10th May 2016
Hayley Moore
  • VioVet Customer Since: April 2016
  • From: Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Hi - in a bid to help my dog recover GI resection and now suffers Short Bowel Syndrome, would this supplement be suitable to give him and would it be beneficial? He had 5ft of small intestine removed. Thanks

  • Non-Executive Director

Increasing the vitamin content of the food might well help ensure he absorbs enough, so it does make sense to try. As long as you give the recommended amount it will not cause any trouble. Easily digested foods etc would be advised anyway. I have no experience of hydrolysed diets in this situation, but I wonder if they might help (eg Purina HA, Hills z/d).


31st Jan 2016
Diane Moore
  • VioVet Customer Since: April 2015
  • From: Suffolk, United Kingdom

My dog has recently been diagnosed with EPA, and I have read that vitamins B12, A,D,E and K should be added to her diet. Can you yell me if SF-50 is suitable. She also has 3 Lypex tablets added to three meals each day. Any further advice you could give me would be most welcomed. Yours truly. Diane Moore

  • Non-Executive Director

SF-50 is a comprehensive supplement which contains all the vitamins needed in suitable proportions. If you are using a commercial dog food, that will already have vitamins added to it in fact, so I am not sure you would get much benefit. Having EPI could mean that your dog is potentially going to be short of the fat soluble vitamins but if the Lypex is doing its job this is not an issue. Adding large amounts of vitamins A and D can be toxic so you should not do that, though it would be safe to use SF-50 at the recommended rate in your dog. However it would be more usual to just supplement B12 and perhaps Vitamin E. B12 is normally given by injections once per week initially, then every few weeks. It is safe to give a lot of B12 if you want, that is not at all toxic. Vitmain E can be given at normal inclusion rates, but not many people do this and we do not sell this by itself and is normally part of a multivitamin supplement.

One other thing you could consider would be a pre- and pro-biotic such as Pro-kolin Enterogenic. It helps to keep the bacterial population of the gut in good shape, which again helps the whole digestive performance to be more as it should be. It can be given along with the Lypex and vitamins if you choose to do it. All of them are intended for long-term use if required.

19 week old pup obsessed with eating grass and stones

9th Jun 2015
Elaine H

Our 19 week old labrador pup seems to be obsessed with picking up and eating stones as well as grass and has swallowed them and passed them. He has also been sick and brought them up. We do watch him but he is so quick. We do everything in our power to ensure he doesn't eat them but now wondering if there is something lacking in his diet. He is on a good food which is higher in protein

  • Non-Executive Director

This is not unusual for a young labrador and they do get themselves into trouble sometimes by swallowing stones. It is normally regarded as simple greed for which the breed is notorious. This might not be an adequate explanation, but it is the best we have. I suspect that if there is a "defficiency" as you are questioning, it is certainly nothing to do with the "micronutrients" provided by SF-50. I do regard SF-50 as a great product and of immense use for animals on unbalanced, home prepared diets. It is no help for a dog on a good quality commercial diet which has all of this stuff added anyway, and if anything a carefully formulated balance is upset by adding extra things. If a deficiency is involved it is much more likely to be in the chewy, bulky parts of a natural diet which we do not provide. In a natural state there would be lots of bits of hoof, hide, bones, gristle and sinew etc lying around for young canines to spend time playing with and eating bits of. Probably brilliant for them nutritionally as well as behaviourally and for digestive and dental health. We cater for the nutritional needs even better now, but not all the other factors. I think you would do better to offer chewy treats and large hide chews which are so big the puppy cannot eat one in a single sitting. He should be able to go back to them as and when he wants. I must say a carpet littered with part-chewed animal parts is extremely unappealing to us, but would be perfect for a puppy. See what you can do along the lines of chews and treats would be my suggestion.