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Summary of Reviews for Royal Canin Veterinary Diets Convalescence Support Dog & Cat Food

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45 It worked!!
Verified Purchase

By Faith Jenkins (faithybits) on 16 February 2017

Following recent surgery, my dog was totally off her food (she has never been food orientated anyway). This helped us to get some nourishment into her and, while I cannot say that she was eager for it, at least she ate some each day and now with different medication seems to be on the mend. I will keep this product in the cupboard and add it to the "armoury" of items kept for emergencies (three lurchers and a greyhound and you always get emergencies!!!).

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55 Useful Stand-by.
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By Deborah Eadie on 30 July 2016

I keep a couple of sachets of the powder formula in the cupboard for any poorly animals. When I've had dogs with conditions which meant they lost weight, this has also been useful to increase the calorific value of their normal diet, by stirring a couple of tablespoonfuls into their regular wet food. Well tolerated and effective. Can also be syringe-fed.

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55 Exactly what it says on the tin!
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By Val Brown on 4 July 2016

I used this product for severely emaciated dog that needed some careful rearing back to health. Found this product exactly what was needed with no side effects. Would recommend this to anyone feeding a dog with delicate digestion or recovering from illness.

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55 My dog loves it.
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By Vivienne Morgan on 9 March 2016

My old Lurcher, picky at the best of times, went completely off his food while my husband was away for the weekend. He is on a lot of medication & rather frail so although my vet injected his meds, I was concerned by his refusal to eat. I tried offering him a sachet of this food & he wolfed it down! It was amazing! Kept him going till my husband returned home.

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55 Worth its weight in gold
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By Denise Doherty on 3 November 2014

It may be expensive, but if you love your pets as much as I do, then it's well worth the money.
When our pet ferrets get older, they don't want the ferret biscuits usually fed and this is when the product comes into its own. We have previously had elderly ferrets living on this product for the last 18 month of their lives and I am convinced that without it, their lives would be much shorter.
I have never yet had a ferret refuse this food so it must be extremely palatable. Also, one of my cats try to scoop it out of the bowl when I'm preparing it, so that confirms to me that it does taste really nice.

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