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Royal Canin Brand

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Dog Food

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition is a range of specially formulated diets, containing tailored ingredients to cater to the needs of dogs of varying sizes, ages and activity levels. Royal Canin nutritionists have developed the foods to provide the very best dietary care for your canine companions, taking into account the specific requirements of their breed and striving to achieve the most beneficial nutritional balance to promote health, growth and vitality. First and foremost the diets consider the digestive tract size of different breeds, with tailored recipes to meet the needs of various digestions; dogs with a larger body mass have a digestive tract that accounts for 2.7% of their total body weight, compared with smaller dogs whose digestive tract accounts for 7% of their weight. Size Health Nutrition endeavors to accommodate these needs and combines the correct nutrients needed to promote growth and development.

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