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Protexin Fibreplex for Rabbits & Small Rodents

  • 15ml Tube £8.99

A high fibre paste formulation for rabbits and small pets. Protexin Fibreplex provides palatable, easy to administer extra dietary fibre to encourage normal hind gut function. Includes beneficial microorganisms to rapidly populate the gastrointestinal tract and prebiotics to synergistically enhance the growth and colonisation of beneficial microorganisms. The prebiotic Preplex combines multi-sources of prebiotic to ensure various degrees of selectively fermentable sources of food for beneficial microorganisms within the gut.

Use: 1ml per kg of bodyweight, 3 times a day for 1 to 2 days

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Questions & Answers for Protexin Fibreplex for Rabbits & Small Rodents

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Would this product help in my situation?

20th Feb 2017
Kyle Sinclair
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2016
  • From: Midlothian, United Kingdom

Hi I have i rabbit and she gets diarrhea quite a lot maybe once a week or something and I have spoke with my vet and they said decrease her pellets, so I did but she still got it all the time so we went Back and they said she must just be prone to it so I was wondering would "fibreplex" help her if on the days she gets diarrhea I gave her a little bit of this would it help


  • Veterinary Advisor

Fibreplex would be helpful to restore normal digestive function when she has had diarrhoea and would be a perfectly acceptable product to use in this situation. You could also consider Protexin Pro-Fibre which is designed to be given daily and may help prevent the diarrhoea occuring in the first place if given consistently.

Can this be given long term

30th Jul 2015
Eve Martin

Can this be given long term

  • Marketing Analyst

Fibreplex is designed to be used short term for animals with a reduced or absent appetite. There are a lot of calories in Fibreplex to supplement these animals whilst they have a reduced intake. Bio-lapis and Pro-Fibre for Rabbits are suitable probiotic supplements for long term use, as they do not contain extra calories and their administration is easier for everyday use.

Storage after opening

28th Jul 2015
Jacqui Morris
  • VioVet Customer Since: January 2013
  • From: , United Kingdom

How long can it be kept after opening?

  • Marketing Analyst

Fibreplex will last until the best before date printed on the tube so long as the lid is replaced and the product is kept cool and dry. Sometimes the paste at the opening can dry out a little and needs to be removed, however the remaining product will still be viable. This is due to our probiotics being held in a dormant encapsulated state.