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Program Tablets For Dogs

Program Tablets For Dogs
67.8mg Tablets Small Dog 2.3-6.7kg » Pack of 6

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  • 67.8mg Tablets Small Dog 2.3-6.7kg » Pack of 6 £41.50
  • 204.9mg Tablets Medium Dog 6.8-20kg » Pack of 6 £41.99
  • 409.8mg Tablets Large Dog 20-80kg » Pack of 6 £44.50

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Program tablets are used for the control of fleas in dogs. Program contains the active ingredient lufenuron. This is remarkably safe for dogs and all mammals, but is a potent inhibitor of certain parts of the life cycle of insects. Program acts by effectively sterilising fleas and preventing them from reproducing. Any adult fleas are left to die naturally, but the flea population is controlled very effectively. Program is even effective for animals which show flea allergy dermatitis.

In addition to this flea treatment you may require an additional household spray to combat fleas which may not have yet hatched or dormant fleas in and around the house. Please click here to see the range of household sprays available.

Below is the product datasheet. This has been provided by the manufacturer and should always be provided with the medication.


Company name: Novartis Animal Health UK Ltd
Address: Frimley Business Park
GU16 7SR
Telephone: 01276 694402
Fax: 01276 694403


Presentation Round, biconvex tablets with four different colours and imprinted codes.

Red tablets contain: 67.8 mg lufenuron
CGV (side 1) FMF (side 2)
Grey tablets contain: 204.9 mg lufenuron
CGV (side 1) GBG (side 2)
White tablets contain: 409.8 mg lufenuron
CGV (side 1) DDD (side 2)


For the prevention and lasting control of flea infestation and the treatment of flea allergic dermatitis in dogs. Program is effective against the dominant flea species Ctenocephalides felis and C. canis. Program tablets can be administered to all dogs including pregnant bitches and puppies taking solid food.

Dosage and administration

Dosage schedule for PROGRAM Tablets for Dogs
Dog weight Red
(67.8 mg ai)
(204.9 mg ai)
(409.8 mg ai)
2.3 kg to 6.7 kg 1 tablet
6.8 kg to 20 kg 1 tablet
21 kg to 40 kg 1 tablet
41 kg to 80 kg 2 tablets

The minimum recommended dose rate is 10 mg/kg/month. When dosing puppies and growing dogs, the dose dispensed should be based on the animals expected weight at the end of the six month treatment period.
Recommended monthly dose
See table "Dosage schedule for PROGRAM Tablets for Dogs".
To be fully effective the tablets must be administered together with food, eg, added into a portion of the daily food, hidden in pieces of meat, etc or administered by mouth after feeding. After administration, the dog should be watched for several minutes to ensure that the whole dose has been swallowed.
To prevent flea infestations Program should be administered at monthly intervals for at least six months during the flea season, starting two months before fleas become active.
If the dog is already infested with fleas, no viable flea eggs are produced from 24 hours after the first administration. The speed of elimination of a pre-existing infestation is dependent upon the number of flea larvae and pupae in the environment when treatment starts and the climatic conditions.
If dogs have a high level of flea infestation at the start of the treatment, it may be necessary to administer a flea adulticide during the first one to two months. In cases of severe hypersensitivity further use of an adulticide may be needed.
It is essential that all dogs and all cats (except unweaned puppies and kittens) living in a household are treated with Program to stop flea reproduction.
For cats, use Program suspension or Program injectable

Contra-indications, warnings, etc

None. The product is compatible with other flea control products.
Wash hands after use. Any unused product or waste material should be disposed of in accordance with national requirements.
Adverse reactions (frequency and seriousness)
On very rare occasions, nervous signs, itching, vomiting, or diarrhoea, have been reported in dogs following treatment with Program Tablets.

Pharmaceutical precautions

Keep out of the reach of children. For oral treatment only. For animal treatment only. Store in a dry place. Protect from light.

Legal category

AVM-GSL (previously POM-V)

Packaging Quantities

Blister packs of six tablets.

Further information

Program contains lufenuron, a benzoylurea derivative.
After administering Program orally to the dog, the active ingredient is quickly absorbed. Sufficient absorption is only achieved if administered on a full stomach. The low excretion rate assures an effective concentration of the active ingredient in the blood for one month.
Fleas take up the active ingredient through the blood and transfer it to their eggs. The formation of larval chitin structures, a process typical to insects, is blocked and the development of their numerous offspring is stopped. A new infestation of the home with fleas is prevented.
Fleas picked up by the dog outside the home environment are prevented from causing a new infestation of the home.

Marketing authorisation numbers

VM 12501/4013 PROGRAM* tablets 67.8 mg
VM 12501/4014 PROGRAM* tablets 204.9 mg
VM 12501/4015 Program tablets 409.8 mg

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Reviews (16)

Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Program Tablets For Dogs, including answers from our team.

18 May 2015 at 9:03am

Capstar and program

simon Maltby

My collie has a problem with fleas,frontline / stronghold seem inafective. is it safe to use a combination of Capstar and Program tablets, Capstar as required and Program as a monthly routine.

  • Non-Executive Director

What you are proposing should be perfectly safe. It also should be effective as long as there are no un-treated animals carrying any fleas sharing the same environment as your dog. Program is only effective if all animals are treated.

As an observation I would say that many flea treatments seem to be ineffective for a while (sometimes a few months) when used in a situation where a large background population of fleas has built up (mostly as eggs and larvae in nooks and crevices). Usually persistence will eventually mop up this population, then if treatments are maintained, fleas do not return. Unless you have been using Frontline or Stronghold every month without a break for the last year, then I would be wary of saying they do not work. Usually they will appear to start working again if used for long enough. It just takes that time to get rid of all the fleas. If at that time you are using a different product then it will seem that that one is the one which worked. It is not usually that simple.

6 May 2015 at 5:39pm


Patricia Rosamond

My 9 month labrador is on Stronghold from the vet but she still seems to scratch a lot and I wonder whether she still has fleas. I always used Program for my cat and found it to be excellent but am not sure if I can use it in conjunction with Stronghold.

  • Non-Executive Director

It is perfectly safe to use Program along with Stronghold, although you should not need to. If you think there might still be fleas around then it is fine to do it. However there are other possible causes of an itchy dog, so a visit to your vets might be a better idea.

16 December 2013 at 11:59am

Still seeing fleas with Program

Rebecca Masters

I have been using Program but am still seeing fleas - why is this?

  • Non-Executive Director

Program treats fleas by effectively sterilising any female fleas which bite your pets. Program does not kill any fleas as such, it allows them to live their life and die. It is actually very effective at treating fleas and you will never have a flea problem, as long as :-
You must treat all the time, not wait until a few fleas are around, then start treatment.
You must treat all animals in the household.

It seems that even dogs or cats with a flea allergy can tolerate a very occasional flea bite, but they react badly if they receive bites regularly and frequently. As long as the flea population is kept to an extremely low level, your pets will not react and you will never see any fleas. It does not sound very convincing, but in fact it really does work. However, if you are seeing fleas, that always means that there are loads about, and Program will be very slow to get rid of them. It will stop them breeding, but you have to wait for all of the fleas to die. Any eggs laid before you started Program treatment will gradually hatch out, over a period of maybe a few months, then those fleas will bite your pets.

It is always recommended to use something for adult fleas and ideally a household insecticide spray initially as well as Program if you are actually seeing fleas. If you continue to use Program, it will act as a preventative for future problems, but it is very slow at eradicating an existing flea problem.

I would suggest you buy some Frontline Spot-on and some Indorex flea spray for the house too. Once they have been used, then afterwards just using Program will be fine.

5 June 2013 at 9:01pm

Program Plus prescription ok for plain Program ?


I have a prescription for Program Plus pills but now I see that you are out of stock and that there's no prospect of any more stock. You have stock for plain Program pills though, and they're the same as Program Plus except minus the anti parasite constituent. So will you accept the prescription for Program Plus or do I have to get (and maybe pay for) a new prescription from my vet ?

Also, what alternatives are there to lufenuron for people who want a low toxicity flea treatment taken orally ?

  • Non-Executive Director

You can buy ordinary Program without a prescription - just order it from the website if you want some. In answer to your other question, lufenuron is indeed very non-toxic and so there might not be anything better if you want an oral treatment. The main contender would be Comfortis, which is a prescription drug so your vet would have to prescribe it. As far as safety is concerned it might be comparable, but it has much less of a track history so we cannot say for certain yet. Most standard wormers can also be bought off the website, so you can cover both categories of parasite with good quality and safe products without a prescription.