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Pet Remedy Essential Calming Products

  • 2 x 40ml Refill Oil Pack £13.99
  • Plug-In Diffuser & 40ml Vial £13.99

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The amazing Essential Plug In Diffuser from Pet Remedy works alongside the brain's natural messengers known as neuro-transmitters, which will tell the nerve receiving the message either to calm down or get "fired up". In times of anxiety or stress in our pets the nerves tend to get over stimulated, which will lead to many symptoms of stress. The Essential Calming Diffuser has blends of essential oils which work alongside the natural relaxation pathways to help calm the nerves of anxious and stressed pets. The Diffuser features include, starts to help immediately, helps calm pet with sedating, lasts up to 8 weeks, only 5 watts, so cheap to run, water based, PH neutral formulation so safe on skin and coat of pet and is developed and made in England.

Key Points

  • Ideal for pets including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, rodents and birds.
  • Refill bottles available.
  • Coverage up to 60m2 (650 sq ft) (Large room)
  • Easy to use
  • Plug in and let the de-stressing properties slow release into the surrounding area.

Signs of stress include:

  • Changes in behaviour
  • Spraying/soiling indoors
  • Excessive, habitual over grooming resulting in hair loss
  • Lack of interaction with owner
  • Loss of appetite
  • Scratching at furniture
  • Unexplained aggression

Stress can be triggered by:

  • A new pet arriving in the home
  • Moving house
  • Changes in the home, such as building work or a new baby
  • Excessive noise or movement
  • Fireworks
  • Travel / Visit to Vets
  • Changes in daily routine

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Questions & Answers for Pet Remedy Essential Calming Products

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Pet Remedy Essential Calming Products, including answers from our team.

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Usage time

2nd Oct 2017
Wendy Johnson
  • VioVet Customer Since: May 2014
  • From: Staffordshire, United Kingdom

how long does this diffuser last?

  • Website Content Developer


Thank you for your message.

This should last up to 8 weeks.

I hope this helps.


8th Sep 2016
Deborah Zanus-Fortes
  • VioVet Customer Since: September 2008
  • From: Cornwall, United Kingdom

my Darling GSD Kelsey died 2 weeks ago,he brother and litter mate has taken her death very badly.He wont eat,walk and just lies where she did just staring,will this help my poor lad?

  • Brand Manager

Hi Deborah,

I'm so sorry to hear about Kelsey, I hope you are doing okay. One of the most helpful things will be to try and remain positive when around Lewi as he will pick up on your emotions but I understand will be hard while coping with her loss too, and seeing him unhappy. If you feel he is stressed or anxious, using a Pet Remedy Plug-In should help him feel more relaxed. Adaptil may also be really helpful at the moment though, as it contains a synthetic copy of the pheromone produced by bitches which reassures and comforts puppies. You can certainly use both types of diffuser together, as they work in different ways and will complement each other. Adaptil also comes in a collar form, which may be a good option here as he'll get continual support when he goes out, then the Pet Remedy when at home.

I understand it will be difficult to not make a fuss of him while he is grieving but as much as possible, try to avoid giving him extra affection when he is lying near her spot or ignoring his food. Encourage play time or a few shorter walks and keep to his normal routine. Washing Kelsey's bedding, blankets, soft toys so that he can't smell her as strongly and wonder why she isn't there will help him to understand that she isn't coming back. If he wasn't there when she passed away, he may not understand why she isn't there. He won't let himself starve and will come round to eating when his body tells him to, so try not to tempt him with treats and stick to his normal feeding times. If you need to leave the food down a bit longer than usual to let him go to it when he wants, that's fine for now.

Please get in touch again if we can do anything else to help. Sending you all our best wishes from the VioVet Team,


New puppy

4th Sep 2015

Hi will be having a new shih tzu puppy in about 4 weeks time I was wondering if the pet remedy can be used to spray on his bedding kind regards Donna

  • Brand Manager

Hi Donna,

Yes, this would be ideal. I would spray onto the bed a few minutes before putting him in and allow it to dry. This also applies if you wish to use it in a carrier while traveling, or crate at home if you choose to use one. The effects usually only last a couple of hours, so if he is to sleep in a certain room of the house, the diffuser may be a more suitable long-term aid, and it should ideally be plugged in 24 hours before bringing him home, to give it time to distribute the neurotransmitter around the room.

An alternative product would be Adaptil, which is available as a collar, spray and diffuser. This product contains a 'dog appeasing pheromone', which is a synthetic copy of the pheromone given off by bitches to comfort their puppies.

I hope this helps!


8th Aug 2015
Karen Kennedy

How long does this spray last if using on a daily basis

  • Marketing Analyst

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the question.

The man from Pet Remedy has assured me that the calming spray should be used sparingly and will last at least 2 hours and usually up to 6 or 8 hours. As with humans how long the spray lasts is very much down to the individual dog. That is why I say 2 to 8 hours.

Nervous Cat

25th Jan 2015
Sarah Howell
  • VioVet Customer Since: July 2013
  • From: Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

I have a 2 year old Maine Coone mix who is terrified of almost everything, very nervous, jumps and runs at the slightest noise and will not usually spend a lot of time with me. Although he can be quiet loving when he wants to be. What would you suggest?

  • Non-Executive Director

The most popular products to try would be a Feliway diffuser and a course of Zylkene capsules for a couple of weeks. (The zylkene capsules are opened and mixed with food. Most cats take them well in a little food.) There are many other products such as Pet Remedy Essential Calming which work for some cats and it is just a matter of trial and error.


14th Oct 2014

We are collecting our puppy on Sunday having to stay in a hotel overnight and thentravel to Jersey on boat next day can you advise what to give our puppy to help the journey?

  • Non-Executive Director

This depends how old your puppy is. Puppies are sometimes released by breeders at a very young age (6-8 weeks old) and at this age they are very accepting of change and do not need any sort of calming product at all. As long as the new home is suitable then this, for most puppies, is absolutely the best age to get a puppy, despite what many breeders will say. (All puppies destined to be Guide Dogs for the blind are homed at this age and they develop the best temperament possible). However many breeders like to keep the puppies longer than this and indeed some puppies are, for whatever reason, homed at much greater ages. The older the puppy is (beyond about 7 weeks of age), the more of a stress it is when they move home. If your puppy is over the age of 8 weeks then I would recommend Zylkene as the most natural calming agent for a puppy. If by any chance your puppy is 12 weeks of age or older, then the move will certainly be a stress and Zylkene combined with the Pet Remedy Calming product would be my suggestion.

There is a lot of variability in how individual puppies react. Some will be great almost whatever you do, others will always find it difficult. Where you have a choice, I would always get the puppy as young as possible, despite all that you might read on the internet about this. The most confident and outgoing puppies are usually those which were not protected from environmental change at a young age, completely contrary to what one might expect.I would recommend you bear this in mind after your puppy arrives, however old it is. It makes a massive difference life-long.