Pawise Training Clicker

Pawise Training Clicker
One Size

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Promoting fun and effective reward based training for all dogs the Pawise Training Clicker can be used to train any animal, promoting positive training and suitable for all breeds.

A simple yet effective design featuring an easy to use, elevated clicker button for fast clicking in any position the Pawise Training Clicker is extremely convenient achieving the desired results by providing a consistent method of training. One of the most modern, effective and enjoyable methods of training available clicker training can help make walking, day trips and outings a much more pleasant experience, enforcing positive behaviour by helping your dog learn how to behave in an appropriate fashion and in response to your requests.

Based on sound scientific principals the Pawise Clicker Trainer allows you to effectively communicate with your dog and train them to perform both basic obedience and more complicated tasks, as well as teaching new tricks for fun and advanced training. It’s ideal for use when introducing a new exercise or trick, with an easy to use design and simple function. Simply press and release the elevated button on the clicker as per the instructions for use, with it making a clear and distinctive “click, click” sound, which, when used in conjunction with rewards (food, play or affection) can be taught to have a positive meaning for your dog.

A modern, effective and fun reward based training tool
Designed based on sound scientific principals
Helps enforce positive training and behaviour when used in conjunction with rewards such as food, play or affection
An easy to use, one-function design with an elevated clicker button for fast clicking in any position
Helps to train your dog to perform both basic obedience training and more advanced training
Ideal for use when introducing a new exercise, command or trick
Suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds

How to Use: Make sure you and your dog are somewhere calm and quiet, such as in your sitting room or the garden. Have some treats ready, and hold the clicker behind your back to begin with – there is no need to point it at your dog, and you should avoid clicking too near his or her ears.

Call your pet’s name in a happy voice.
As soon as he or she looks at you, ‘click and give the treat’
Repeat this three or four times.
Soon your dog will start to understand the meaning of the clicker and will react to the sound.

It is important to quickly give your pet the treat once you have made the click. The ‘click and give the treat’ action need to be almost simultaneous. Once your pet has established the association between the click and the treat, and you are confident with the ‘click and give the treat’ timing, you can move on to teaching other exercises. The Pawise clicker is designed as a training tool when introducing new exercises to your dog, and can be phased out once your dog has learnt the new command.

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