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Outhwaite Nylon Magnetic Dog Collar

  • Black » 19mm x 35 - 50cm £16.00
  • Black » 25mm x 45 - 65cm £16.99
  • Red » 19mm x 35 - 50cm £16.00
  • Red » 25mm x 45 - 65cm £16.49

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The Outhwaite Nylon Magnetic Dog Collar provides magnotherapy for your dog. The magnet can help to naturally relax joints and muscles in your dog, and reduce pain which may be caused by arthritis or other illnesses.

Attractively packaged, these quality nylon webbing collars contain one of the most powerful magnets available, a 2000 Gauss rare earth magnet which can penetrate up to 8cm.

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7th Jun 2016
Kerrie Barnett
  • VioVet Customer Since: April 2008
  • From: , United Kingdom

I've had this collar for about 2 years & the collar itself shows no signs of wearing out.
Could the magnets be expected to last another 2 years+?

  • Non-Executive Director

Modern neodymium magnets are estimated to lose about 5% of their strength every 100 years if they are kept in optimum conditions. As far as the collar is concerned, corrosion of the magnet is going to be the main thing to interfere with its "life expectancy". Other things such as heat or physical damage are unlikely to be a concern but might depend what you do with the collar. Corrosion is affected by the conditions it is kept in and any damage to the magnet's surfaces. Essentially the answer to your question is yes, it should last for at least a couple more years if looked after, but "in the field" these things do not tend to last as long as we might wish. If the magnet becomes damaged, its power will decline rapidly, so predicting the future is difficult. Time will tell...


6th Jun 2016
Kerrie Barnett
  • VioVet Customer Since: April 2008
  • From: , United Kingdom

What is the expected lifespan of this collar? When do the magnets stop working?

  • Non-Executive Director

These magnets are very long lasting. The collar itself might wear out before they lose their power.