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25 Good idea but unreliable
Verified Purchase

By Sara on 30 March 2018

When the device works well, it's very useful. However, I found that it repeatedly turns itself off while my horse was in the field (and is therefore not recording data). When I turn it back on, it intermittently records bizarre temperature readings (for example, 57 degrees Celsius). I attached it to my horse's rug using the fixture system provided and it became detached and is now lost in the mud - it is not made clear from the included instructions that this fixture system is for use when travelling only. Overall, I think the concept is excellent, but I would have liked a better quality product for the price.

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35 Not quite as good as expected
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By Jacqueline Moiser on 22 January 2018

I hadn't realised you had to be so close to the scanner to get a reading. I had expected to be able to use this when not in the yard, to help me know if the horse was rugged correctly. However you need to be quite close to get the scanner to sync to the phone and in my view that's no better than just putting a hand under the rug to check if too warm. On the plus side it will tell you if the horse has been too warm and when, so if you haven't been able to check yourself, it helps you assess if you should be reducing or increasing the rugs as it also factors in the weather forecast. It also tells you about levels of activity, but difficult to know how accurate they are.

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55 Peace of mind at a distance
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By Jordan Hodgson (funkiefille) on 7 December 2017

The Orscana system has completely changed the way I have previously had to disturb my veteran PPID horse in the winter evenings in order to put my hand under his rug to check if he’s too cold or too hot. I can now scan him in the field or the stable whilst at a distance. I don’t even need to go into the barn to scan him, I just quietly stand outside, get a reading and I can go to bed knowing he’s fine without disturbing him and annoying him fiddling with rugs.

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