Orijen Whole Prey Puppy Food

Orijen Whole Prey Puppy Food Orijen Whole Prey Puppy Food Orijen Whole Prey Puppy Food
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Orijen Whole Prey Puppy is a biologically-approved, balanced dietetic dry food containing fresh cuts of meat, as well as nutritional quantities of fruits and vegetables, all considered suitable for human consumption. Each pack is loaded with cage-free chicken and turkey, nest-laid eggs and wild-caught fish, all farmed or fished within our region and delivered fresh. It is brimming with goodness to nourish your puppy completely, with both calories and minerals distributed to support the optimum growth and development of your puppy. Contains no artificial ingredients.

Available in a corresponding range for kittens and cats


Fresh chicken meat (11%), fresh turkey meat (7%), fresh whole eggs (6%), fresh whole herring (6%), fresh chicken liver (5%), fresh whole flounder (5%), fresh turkey liver (5%), fresh chicken heart (4%), fresh turkey heart (4%), fresh chicken necks (4%), chicken (dehydrated, 4%), turkey (dehydrated, 4%), whole mackerel (dehydrated, 4%), whole sardine (dehydrated, 4%), whole herring (dehydrated, 4%), chicken fat (4%), herring oil (2%), whole red lentils, whole green peas, whole green lentils, whole chickpeas, whole yellow peas, lentil fiber, whole pinto beans, whole navy beans, chicken bone and cartilage (1%), chicken liver (freeze-dried), turkey liver (freeze-dried), fresh whole pumpkin, fresh whole butternut squash, fresh whole zucchini, fresh whole parsnips, fresh carrots, fresh whole red delicious apples, fresh whole bartlett pears, fresh kale, fresh spinach, fresh beet greens, fresh turnip greens, brown kelp, whole cranberries, whole blueberries, whole saskatoon berries, chicory root, turmeric root, milk thistle, burdock root, lavender, marshmallow root, rosehips, enterococcus faecium.

ADDITIVES (per kg): Nutritional additives: Zinc chelate: 100 mg.

Feeding guidelines

Please Note: Food measuring guidelines on the packets refer to cup amounts. These refer to American size measuring cups. 1 standard American measuring cup is approximately 120g.

Your puppy is unique and his feeding requirements will vary with his environment, age and activity.

That’s why we suggest starting with the guides below, and then monitoring his weight and adjusting portions as needed. Feed twice daily and remember always to keep fresh, clean water available.

ORIJEN PUPPY provides more calories from protein and fat and fewer from carbohydrates, providing a calorie distribution that mirrors the natural puppy diet, reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes.

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Ingredients List

Fresh Deboned Chicken (20%), Dehydrated Chicken (15%), Fresh Chicken Liver (4%), Fresh Whole Herring (4%), Fresh Deboned Turkey (4%), Dehydrated Turkey (4%), Fresh Turkey Liver (3%), Fresh Whole Eggs (3%), Fresh Deboned Walleye (3%), Fresh Whole Salmon (3%), Fresh Chicken Heart (3%), Chicken Cartilage (3%), Dehydrated Herring (3%), Dehydrated Salmon (3%), Chicken Liver Oil (3%), Chicken Fat (2%), Red Lentils, Green Peas, Green Lentils, Sun-Cured Alfalfa, Yams, Pea Fibre, Chickpeas, Pumpkin, Butternut Squash, Spinach Greens, Carrots, Red Delicious Apples, Bartlett Pears, Cranberries, Blueberries, Kelp, Liquorice root (500mg/kg), Angelica Root (500mg/kg), Fenugreek (350mg/kg), Marigold Flowers (350mg/kg), Sweet Fennel (350mg/kg), Peppermint Leaf (300mg/kg), Chamomile (300mg/kg), Dandelion (150mg/kg), Summer Savory (150mg/kg), Rosemary, Enterococcus Faecium, Glucosamine (1,500mg/kg), Chondroitin (1,200mg/kg)

What do these colours mean?

Ingredient Analysis

Crude Protein (38%), Crude Fat (20%), Crude Ash (8%), Crude Fibre (5%), Calcium (1.3%), Phosphorus (1%), Omega-6 (3%), Omega-3 (1.2%), DHA (0.6%), EPA (0.3%), Vitamin A (16Kiu/k), Vitamin D3 (1Kiu/k), Vitamin E (400Iu/kg), Vitamin B1 (55mg/kg), Vitamin B2 (48mg/kg), Vitamin B5 (50mg/kg), Vitamin B3 (465mg/kg), Vitamin B6 (40mg/kg), Folic Acid (5.5mg/kg), Vitamin B12 (0.5mg/kg), Choline (2,750mg/kg), Sodium (0.4%), Chloride (0.64%), Potassium (0.77%), Magnesium (0.1%), Manganese (27mg/kg), Selenium (0.9mg/kg), Iron (240mg/kg), Zinc (200mg/kg), Copper (26mg/kg), Iodine (1.8mg/kg), Moisture (10%), Carbohydrate (20%), pH, Lysine (2.45%), Tryptophan (0.38%), Threonine (1.5%), Tyrosine (0.98%), Methionine (0.8%), Isoleucine (1.5%), Leucine (2.9%), Valine (1.85%), Arginine (2.2%), Phenylalanine (1.6%), Histidine (0.8%), Cystine (0.35%)

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55 Best I can find!
Verified Purchase

By on 27 March 2021

I was recommended this by a friend when we got our new puppy. He’s adored it since day one - much more so than the food that the breeder gave to us when we got him. I did a bit of research and can’t find better dry food on the market. I have this on viovet’s regular subscription with the best price online too. So easy! Finally, he likes it so much that we use it as a treat on walks too (he likes this just as much as actual treats!). He’s really healthy so I’m sure it’s to do with this food and the good (filtered) water we give him.

Customer recommends this product

55 Shiny coat
Verified Purchase

By on 14 March 2021

Apparently, the food tastes wonderful, but what I’ve noticed is a fantastic glossy coat

Customer recommends this product

55 Amazing
Verified Purchase

By on 25 September 2020

Our miniature dachshund puppy LOVES it!! It's almost like feeding treats. This kibble can easily be used for bribery/as treats, that's how much she likes it. It smells gorgeous too.

Customer recommends this product

55 Great food but pup hungry
Verified Purchase

By on 21 August 2020

Our pup was off her previous dry food and by using an online comparison we wanted a higher % protein product. She has fallen in love with this however is always hungry so we have upped her portions vs the guidance on the packet. We will absolutely use when we move to adult food.

Customer recommends this product

25 Puppy kibble prey
Verified Purchase

By on 9 January 2019

Bought it for my puppy of 6month s but he doesn't like it. But ate the adult version his friend,my son's spanial, eats.!Go figure!

Customer recommends this product

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Orijen Whole Prey Puppy Food, including answers from our team.

8 September 2020 at 11:29am

Small breed


Is Orijen Whole Prey Puppy Food suitable for small breeds?

  • VioVet Staff

Yes this feed can be used in dogs of any size, including small breeds. The feeding guidelines can be found within the product description itself.

11 March 2015 at 1:13pm

Older Puppy


What Orijen food is suitable for a 10month old crossbreed - hound type- male (unneutered) weighing 17.35kg.?

  • VioVet Staff

The Orijen Whole Prey Puppy Food should be perfectly suited to your dog. However the difference between this food and the other Orijen foods (for adults) is not huge and personally I would be quite relaxed about feeding any of them to your dog. It has become a big marketing technique among the dog food manufacturers to produce different foods for the various life-stages of dogs. This has more genuine benefit for much older dogs, but puppies tend to do very well on the standard adult food as well. Your dog has completed most of its growing now, so you could go onto an adult food anyway, though Orijen recommend using a puppy food for up to 2 years.

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