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Normacol Plus Laxative for Dogs

  • 500g Pot £16.47


Normacol Plus is a granule based nutritional supplement aimed at regulating the digestive system and reducing constipation. Containing the active ingredient Sterculia, Normacol Plus Granules are a bulk-forming laxative based on a vegetable gum derived from the Karaya Tree. This dietary fibre is not digested nor absorbed but swells when it meets the fluids within the gut to form a soft and bulky stool. This mass promotes the natural muscular contractions that move the stool along the intestine. Normacol Plus Granules also contain the active ingredient Frangula, another natural derivative but of the Alder Buckthorn plant. This mild muscle stimulant also acts as a laxative by encouraging the nerve endings in the colon and rectum. The combination of these two powerful ingredients in Normacol Plus usually produces results in less than 12 hours.

Please Note: Normacol Plus is a human laxative which is sometimes used in dogs. There are no dosage guidelines on the packaging for feeding to dogs.

Feeding Guidelines

Can be sprinkled on the food or placed directly onto the tongue. Often given for non-specific diarrhoea or constipation, it should help to produce a properly formed stool. Also of benefit to animals prone to anal sac problems.

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