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Nikwax Tech Wash

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Nikwax Tech Wash is an easy to use, non-detergent, soap based cleaner that protects the water-repellent finish on waterproof and synthetic insulated garments like clothing, tents, awnings, marquees, rucksacks, panniers and camera bags. Tech Wash's gentle action lifts dirt and revitalises water-repellent finishes.. Ideal for Gore-Tex®, Ultrex®, SympaTex®, PermaTex®, Nikwax Analogy®, Entrant®, eVENT® and Triple Point®.

Directions for use

Use neat Tech-Wash and either a sponge or a soft nylon brush to treat stubborn stains before washing. Remove all non-washable parts. Shake well before use. Follow care label instructions. Do not use detergents.

Machine Wash

  1. Remove all detergent build-up from the detergent dispenser.
  2. Place item(s) in washing machine (maximum 2 items).
  3. Use 150ml in medium/hard water* areas and 100ml in soft water areas for 1-2 items.
  4. Wash according to care label.

Hand Wash (use gloves)

  1. Immerse item(s) in hand-hot water in sink or bowl.
  2. Use 150ml in medium/hard water* areas and 100ml in soft water areas for 1-2 items.
  3. Rinse 3 times in clean water.


Air dry or tumble dry on a low setting if care label allows.

* If your kettle furs up you have hard water. For extreme hard water use 200ml.

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