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Net-Tex SUPAlyx Garlic for Horses

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Nettex Supalyx Garlic contains additional garlic to help deter biting insects and support health and wellbeing in your horse. Feed all year round but especially in the summer months for its natural fly deterrent properties.

Nettex Supalyx are a complete all round molasses based vitamin and mineral feeding block lick that supplements dietary requirements which may be lacking in everyday feed and forage. All Nettex Supalyx contain a comprehensive package of vitamins, minerals and trace elements plus the unique prebiotic Diamond V which is a blend of multifunctional metabolite compounds that has been shown to have a positive effect on nutrient digestibility*, meaning that your horse is able to get the most from his feed.

Nettex Supalyx are formulated differently to other licks. A chemical reaction within the ingredients enables the lick to set without removing the moisture content. In turn this prevents the product from melting and becoming sticky and runny when the weather is hot but also when it is rained on. This prevents liquid loss of the product but also the horse or pony becoming sticky and messy when using the lick.


Key Ingredients:

  • Protein: The primary nutrient needed for the formation and repair of muscle tissue. Important for young, growing and working horses and to help lactating mares produce quality colostrum. Provided from soya which is a rich source of the essential amino acid lysine.

  • Minerals, trace elements and vitamins: Nettex Supalyx are full of all the essentials required for good skeletal growth, strong hoof structure, energy metabolism, a healthy immune system and much, much more.

  • Diamond V XPLS: A unique prebiotic which is a blend of multifunctional metabolite compounds that has been shown to have a positive effect on nutrient digestibility*, meaning that your horse is able to get the most from his feed. Diamond V will help to maintain a healthy digestive system, which can lead to enhanced athletic performance.

  • Molasses: Turns this feed into a convenient, labour saving, weather-proof lick which is palatable and allows for the more natural ‘little and often’ approach to feeding. Contains less molasses than cooked molasses licks.

  • Garlic: Natural insect deterrent and supports health and wellbeing.

*Source: Diamond V Mills trial data


As with any new feed, introduce gradually into the diet before allowing free access. Ensure adequate forage or grazing is always available. Daily intakes may be up to 400g per head – this is influenced by other feeds available, forage quality, work load, age and size.


  • Nettex Supalyx Garlic will help deter flies in the summer months, making it ideal to use both in the field and stable.
  • Many horses love the taste of garlic. Nettex Supalyx Garlic can also be used as a treat to reward your horse.
  • When fed alongside the correct amounts of good quality forage, Nettex Supalyx removes the need to feed hard feed and offers a palatable, easy to use and cost effective method of feeding your horse. Choose the flavour that is best for your horse.
  • All horses, from a child’s pony to competitive sport horses can benefit from the comprehensive nutrient package and little and often feeding pattern that Nettex Supalyx encourages. Nettex Supalyx provides a simple but highly effective way to balance your horse’s diet and provide the natural trickle feeding pattern that horses need.
  • Nettex Supalyx are weather-proof and so are suitable for use both in the stable and field all year round.
  • Nettex Supalyx are ideal to help break boredom in horses stabled for long periods or for those on box rest.

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