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Nature's Calling Cat Litter

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There are many cat litters available which may not live up to expectations. Some can do little to neutralise odours or do a poor job of clumping together. You don't have to worry when it comes to Nature's Calling Cat Litter. It is a natural, biodegradable product which is produced from the lining of walnut shells. It is extremely effective at neutralizing odours and absorbing ammonia, and clumps together quickly on contact - making removal a breeze.


  • Superior odour control - Made from the re-claimed lining of the walnut shell, this blend of fibrous material has been proven to neutralize odour better than many other cat litter formulas
  • Fast clumping action - Fast action formula, clumps on contact to form hard clumps within 15 minutes. This makes cleaning simple and quick. Clumps formed by Natures Calling have been certified as “safe to dispose of by flushing in toilets”
  • 100% natural & biodegradable - Not only is Nature’s Calling 100% natural & biodegradable, but it comes from annually renewable resources so it’s much kinder to the environment
  • Low dust - Virtually dust free, Nature’s Calling doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins so it’s safe for you and your cat. It shouldn’t stick to your cat’s paws so they won’t leave a trail of litter behind

Directions for use

  1. Fill the cat litter tray with Nature’s Calling to the recommended level of 7.5cm
  2. Nature’s Calling when wet forms an easily removable clump of waste. Remove with a scoop and dispose of according to your local regulations on household waste
  3. Maintain by removing clumps and solid waste daily. Add more litter as needed to maintain 7.5cm depth
  4. It is recommended that you should completely replace Nature’s Calling once every 30 days

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Questions & Answers for Nature's Calling Cat Litter

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Nature's Calling Cat Litter, including answers from our team.

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24th Jan 2018

Can this be disposed of down the toilet?

  • Customer Service Advisor


Thank you for your question.

Cat litter can clump and cause blockages in your pipelines, so we would not advise putting this down your toilet.

Hope this helps.

Litter Concern

29th Jul 2015

Some weaning kittens try eating their cat litter is this litter safe if this was to happen?

  • Non-Executive Director

This product certainly is not toxic as such if swallowed, so small amounts would be acceptable. If a kitten was to consume a large amount then the physical bulk of the material in the stomach could cause trouble. This however is very unlikely to happen unless food is somehow mixed with the litter. I have certainly never heard of kittens swallowing significant amounts of cat litter or of this being a problem ever.