NETTEX First Life Puppy Colostrum Col-Late

NETTEX First Life Puppy Colostrum Col-Late
340g Tub

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  • 340g Tub £43.99


100% colostrum derived immunoglobulins plus a balanced level of fats and proteins in a perfect match to the puppy's natural first feed, hence providing an essential measure of protection against disease in the gut, together with a completely balanced nutritional feed. First Life's natural protective protein remains in the gut providing continuous benefit from prolonged feeding. A routine first feed for puppies up to the first 26 hours of life, First Life will keep in liquid for up to 72 hours.

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding NETTEX First Life Puppy Colostrum Col-Late, including answers from our team.

11 January 2015 at 9:03pm

What age can I administer colostrum


I have a puppy who is a few weeks old, her mother was run over and the puppy was rescued. She had parvo but is almost recovered. We thought colostrum would be good for her, can I still use this in a puppy of her age?

  • VioVet Staff

There is very little chance of the colostrum helping very much now. Giving colostrum to older animals (or people) is becoming popular at the moment but it probably makes no difference, apart from being a high energy and protein food. Colostrum is most useful in just the first few hours of life. My advice would be just to give a good quality dog food suitable for a young puppy.

1 October 2014 at 10:19pm

New-born pups and colostrum


We foster for a rescue and often have a bitch to whelp who appears not to have much milk. We have been told we should give these pups a first feed of colostrum in case the mum doesn't have any. Is it safe to just give it, even if mum IS feeding them? We did lose a litter to Fading Puppy Syndrome and wondered if they might have been saved if we had given Colostrum? So far we have been lucky and only 1 bitch has had no milk, others we have had to supplement or hand-rear from 1 week old. Thank you for your time

  • VioVet Staff

Some bitches are slow to start producing milk. However by far the best milk for new born puppies to take is their mum's colostrum, not an artificial replacement. It is best to try and give the bitch time to get going and the puppies attempting to suckle will usually stimulate milk flow, even if it is in small amounts. The natural colostrum is far better than anything else. I would make sure that the puppies are kept really warm and given chance to try and suckle. The bitch needs to be as calm and relaxed as possible too for the milk to flow well. Often this involves leaving them alone as much as you dare. It is a judgment call, but most bitches will get going as long as they are healthy and well fed.

Having said that, if a bitch really is not producing milk, then this artificial supplement does make sense and is the best thing to give. It is able to save puppies which otherwise would be in serious danger.

Fading puppy syndrome is a complex problem and had many possible causes. It is difficult to know exactly what has caused it sometimes. Natural colostrum from the mother still provides the best start in life.

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