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Multivet Spray Bark Collars And Refills

  • Clearance Anti Bark Spray Collar Battery (6v) £3.29
  • No Scent Refill (70g) £7.74
  • Spray Collar » Citronella £37.52

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£3.29 to £37.52

MultiVet’s electronic bark-sensor collar releases a quick spray in front of the dog’s nose each time he or she barks. Anti-Bark can eliminate nuisance barking by up to 88% through this harmless conditioning reflex, and the dog will very quickly learn that if he barks, the collar will spray!

This citronella spray is 100% safe for all dogs, including puppies and the environment.

Lightweight and comfortable – one size fits all.

How it works:

The MultiVet barking control collar targets your dog’s ultra-heightened senses for immediate results.

Each time your dog barks, it’s detected by the microphone and the barking control collar releases a harmless odourless spray.
The dog is instantly distracted by the sight, sound, and sensation of the gentle spray collar and stops barking.

Your dog becomes conditioned to expect the spray and will instinctively refrain from excessive barking to avoid it.

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2nd Mar 2014

Does the multivet spray collar come with battery and spray included?

  • Web Developer

That is correct, it comes with a battery and a citronella spray aerosol.