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Green-UM Tablets for Dogs

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  • Pot of 175 £15.90
  • Pot of 350 £29.08

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Green-UM Tablets for Dogs are a unique and innovative product designed to help control lawn burn and reduce discolouration and yellow patches on lawns. Using specially blended nutrients including Vitamin B-Complex derived from yeast, Green-Um Tablets are beneficial for your lawn and also provide nutrients to your dog. Green-UM is designed to change the chemical make up of your dog's urea, thereby eliminating the compound known to cause lawn burn. Green-UM also reduces plant and shrub burns. The tasty tablets are highly palatable and boast a high acceptance among dogs. Green-UM should be fed on a daily basis, particularly during grass growing season. For greener plants, greener shrubs and greener lawns, use Mark & Chappell's Green-UM.

Feeding Guidelines

Weight Range Daily Rate
0 - 10kg (0 - 22lb) 1 Tablet
11 - 20kg (23 - 44lb) 2 Tablets
21 - 30kg (45 - 66lb) 3 Tablets
31 - 40kg (67 - 88lb) 4 Tablets
41 - 50kg (89 - 110lb) 5 Tablets
51 - 60kg (111 - 132lb) 6 Tablets

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Questions & Answers for Green-UM Tablets for Dogs

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Can I give these to my cat?

14th Jan 2018

I'm having this issue but it's with my cats. Would it be safe to give my cat one of these each day and if not, are there any cat-safe products that do the same?

  • Customer Service/Meds Advisor


Thank you for your query,

This product is absolutely fine to give to cats, similarly to dogs the dose is determined by the weight of the animal you wish to treat.

For cats between 1kg-5kg it is advised that you give one quarter of a tablet daily and for cats between 5kg-10kg you should give half a tablet daily.

I hope this helps you,


11th May 2017

How many tablets do you get in a tub

  • Veterinary Advisor

They come in pots of 100,175 or 350.


27th Apr 2014
Mr Forsyth

How safe are green-um tablets in the long term

  • Non-Executive Director

This is a sensible question and as with many things in life, it is impossible to give 100% assurance of complete safety. However most of the ingredients are present (perhaps in lower levels) in many dog foods and these are very unlikely to cause any bad effects. They are widely taken by humans too. The only unusual ingredient quoted is Yucca Schidigera extract, which is a plant product not found in most dog foods or supplements. It is regarded as very safe and is present in some human preparations too.

I would regard this as a very safe supplement and safe to use long-term, but if possible do not give it through all the year. (When there is heavy rain, especially when plants are not growing rapidly due to cold weather, the browning effect on lawns is less apparent. If the urine is diluted and washed away by rain, it will not cause trouble anyway and then can act as a fertilizer in fact.)