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Marchioro Kufra Gravity Pet Water & Food Dispensers

  • Drinker/Feeder » 600ml (Small Animals) £3.29
  • Drinker/Feeder » 1.5 litre (Small Animals) £6.49
  • Drinker » 6.5 litre £15.99

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This is a range of sturdy plastic drinkers and feeders which are designed to be durable and easy to clean. They are also weather proof and the drinkers can be left outside if required. The reservoir can be filled with water or food, and gravity will gradually dispense the contents, only as they are used from the integral bowl.   The product is comprised of two detachable pieces for easy re-filling and cleaning. This makes an ideal way of dispensing food and water over a period of time, while keeping it clean and fresh. VioVet does however advise that animals are checked every day, even though these products can provide food and water safely for a number of days.


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Dimensions of 600ml feeder

2nd Oct 2015

Please could you give me the dimensions of the 600ml Marchioro Kufra water feeder and in particular the area available to drink from. Is the feeder stable? Would it be knocked over by a very large rabbit?

  • Marketing Analyst

Hi Andrea

The whole item is approximately;

7" in Depth

7.5" in Height

4.5" in Width

The drinking area is harder to measure as it's curved. It's between 9.5cm and 7cm, these are the widest and narrowest parts, and its approximately 6cm deep.

It's fairly lightweight, but will weigh down with water inside obviously. It is designed for small animals so it should be ok for your bunny.