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Lintbells YUM Energy for Dogs

  • 90 Tablets £5.99

YUM Energy is an energy boosting tablet for dogs that helps encourage energy storage after exercise. Your dog's energy stores of glycogen is burnt by their muscles during intense exercise. If this critical fuel source runs out it could affect your dog's ability to exercise or perform to their full capabilities. This burning of glycogen stores can also be triggered by excitement or stress, so show dogs can often flag after they've been in the ring for the same reason.

Yum Energy come as tasty chewable tablets that can be given directly to your dog after exercise.

Maximising the 30 minute recovery window

For 30 minutes after exercise, your dog’s metabolism has the ability to quickly recover their muscle energy stores if fed the right form of carbohydrate. Recent research has shown the most effective way to replenish these stores is to use Maltodextrin, which can be instantly converted into glycogen in your dog’s muscles, helping them to stay fresh & focussed, and perform better through the day.

Great for sporting, working and show dogs

If your dog takes part in a sport such as agility or flyball, the first few minutes of their run will be using their glycogen stores, so replenishing those during the day with YUM Energy can help them to maintain their reserves & performance for longer.

Working dogs can often experience a lull during a hard working day due to depletion of muscle energy stores, so topping them up with YUM Energy can help them keep working for longer.

Show dogs can tend to lose alertness and focus for the same reason, so keeping them topped up during the show day can help them to perform to the best of their ability.

Easy to use

YUM Energy is a tasty chewable tablet that can be given directly to your dog after exercise. Use up to 5 tablets per 15kg of bodyweight per day, either during or within 30 minutes of exercise.

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