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Lily's Kitchen Dog Food

Lily's Kitchen is committed to providing natural and nutritional recipes for your dogs and puppies, using only the best, fresh cuts of organic meat, organic herbs and grains and a variety of organic fruits and vegetables. Their holistic principles mean that only the healthiest, raw ingredients are used in their products, favouring small batches over mass-production, as well as being concerned with environmental welfare and promoting sustainability. Not only will your dog love the delicious flavours of Lily's Kitchen recipes, but they will benefit from the fresh and organic ingredients that are combined for a complete and nutritionally balanced diet.

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Dogs and cats love the taste of natural organic food, they benefit from the purity of the ingredients necessary for a long, healthy life. Organic ingredients do not contain any chemicals - no growth hormones, no artificial colours, no antibiotics, no chemical fertilisers or pesticides, no GMOs. Every single ingredient must be approved by our organic certifying agency. The fact that your dog will not be eating all these pesticides will help ensure his or her long term health as well as daily health and vitality - healthy skin, coat and eyes. Our food is also highly digestible, meaning your pet will feel very satisfied after a meal.