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Leucillin Anti-Bacterial Spray for Animals

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Leucillin Anti-Bacterial Spray for Animals is a versatile spray with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that can be used on all mammals. There is no need to worry about where it is sprayed as it is safe to use in eyes, mouth and other sensitive areas. An effective spray for wounds, it kills 99.99999% of germs on contact and can combat all infections with its powerful hypochlorous solution.

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Questions & Answers for Leucillin Anti-Bacterial Spray for Animals

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Leucillin Anti-Bacterial Spray for Animals, including answers from our team.

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30th Jan 2017

Over the past few months my dog has started to suffer with Eczema under her chin. I have had various treatments from the vet but nothing has worked.

Would this help?

  • Website Content Developer

Hi Jordan,

I'm not so sure this would work as it is mainly for cleaning wounds. If the area is inflamed or infected then it would help kill germs, but it won't soothe the skin or deal with the cause of the eczema. A topical cream would be much better, but your vet would have to advise on this. You could always try a skin supplement such as Yumega which contains omega oils specially selected to help maintain a healthy skin and coat. This would definitely be worth giving a go.

I hope this helps.


16th Jul 2016
Claire - Suzanne Izard
  • VioVet Customer Since: September 2013
  • From: Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Is this effective in curing Ringworm? If not why not if yes how does it combat the Illness please

  • Veterinary Advisor

Ringworm is a highly contagious skin infection caused by a dermatophyte fungus. Whilst Leucillin Anti-bacterial spray has anti-fungal properties it is not clinically proven to be effective against equine ringworm. Imaverol is the standard treatment for equine ringworm and is very effective against the main types of dermatophytes that cause ringworm.


8th Dec 2015

Could this be used on slight rain gals

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

Yes certainly it is fine to use like that.

Is this ok for ulcerated Timor on dog

23rd Nov 2015
Pat young

My 13 year old Staffie has a large lump on
Her right hock.
After aspiration the limp has developed round raised lumps that sometimes bleed.
The vet says it is mast cell and cannot operate because not enough skin to close. So I have been using saline when redressing daily or every other day.
Some of the sores look crater like now but don't really bother the dog.
It is swollen but I can't get swelling to decrease but it isn't getting bigger.
Will this spray help keep the area clean and free from infection. Is it safe on the open sores.

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

This is a good spray for the situation you describe. It is safe on open sores and is generally effective at helping to suppress any surface infection.

Yeast infection

22nd Sep 2015
  • VioVet Customer Since: September 2015
  • From: Northumberland, United Kingdom

Will this help with a Yeast infection on my dogs skin

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

It will probably help and is safe to use, though yeast infections generally have some pre-disposing, underlying cause which you might be able to treat too. It might be worth talking to your vet about that, but this product is very safe and does have anti-fungal properties which are effective against yeast organisms.


23rd May 2015

Hi is Leucillin spray safe to use on ducks. One of my ducks has a scratch wound in her back caused by an over amorous drake and she is not too keen on me cleaning the wound every day, I was wondering if Leucillin would help it heal faster. thanks.

Richard Spratley
  • Web Developer

Leucillin is safe to use on ducks, it is safe for all Mammals, Birds and Reptiles. Spray the duck's scratch liberally, don’t dry or rinse Leucillin, leave it to dry naturally. Spray a couple of time a day until healed over.

A blind eye.

11th May 2015
A. Jolly

a build up of hard crusty residue forms on the eye lids. What can I best use to remove because the dog finds washing etc, very painful.?

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

Regular washing with a non-irritant product is the answer. Probably this will need to be done daily. If any dry discharge has built up then this needs to be softened by being kept moist for a minute or two before trying to remove it. You might find that the antiseptic properties of Leucillin help, or a simple wash such as CleanOcular could be safer to use long-term.

Horse eye infection

15th Jan 2015
Beverley Thomas
  • VioVet Customer Since: January 2015
  • From: Castell-nedd Port Talbot, United Kingdom

Can I use to treat an eye infection in my horses eye

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

This is a safe product to use and can be sprayed over the (closed) eye. If there is any discharge from the eye, it is very helpful to wash and wipe this away. Some of the solution will get to the conjunctiva and it should help to combat the infection. If in any doubt, always get your own vet to check the eye.

Can Leucillin be used in ears

20th Oct 2014

My dog (labrador) has a red, itchy ear can Leucillin spray be used in the ear of Labradors?

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

From what is said about the product it should be safe. Dogs tend to hate anything being sprayed into their ears though, so you might be best not to apply it that way.

Will this spray help my dogs dermatitis

29th Mar 2014
Victoria smith

My dog has dermatitis with patches all over his back it does not seem to bother him, I have been given a shampoo by the vet. I was hoping to find a spray or cream to help with his condition. Please advise if this spray will help and how often to use it. Thank you

John Cousins
  • Non-Executive Director

Dermatitis can be caused by lots of different things so it is not possible for me to say for certain. However this spray appears to be very safe and can be effective against a wide range of infectious organisms. You should check with your vet, but I think this product might well help your dog.