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Korsteel Full Cheek Breaking Bit

  • 5.5 inches £21.49

Korsteel's Full Cheek Breaking Bit is a brilliant first bit for mouthing horses. Used with just a plain sliphead, the young horse can wear this bit for a short period of time whilst in the stable to get used to having a bit in their mouth. It is best used initially during feeding, as this teaches horses to associate the bit with pleasant experiences and encourages salivation, which will give the horse a 'softer' mouth when ridden.

The ring with keys on this bit teaches the horse to chew the bit and lets them use their tongue to get used to the feeling of the keys and metal in their mouth. This is not a bit for ridden work, however it can be lunged in to great effect due to the full cheeks, which prevent the bit from sliding through the horse's mouth and aid the steering.

This bit is not dressage legal.

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