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Korsteel Cambridge Mouth Snaffle

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Korsteel's Cambridge Snaffle is a very slim snaffle with small rings, making it perfect for horses and ponies with small, neat heads. It is often referred to as a 'magic' bit.

The loose rings on this snaffle allow the horse to move the mouthpiece in their mouth with their tongues, which makes it harder for them to 'take a hold' and lean on the bit. It encourages the horse to relax their jaw against the bit.

The cambridge mouthpiece is an extremely mild bit and is a brilliant alternative to a thicker mullen mouth bit, as the small port and slim mouthpiece allows more room for the tongue. Its main action is on the tongue and the corners of the mouth - it is unlikely that this bit will have much pressure on the bars of the mouth, however this is dependant on the individual size of the horse's tongue. Young horses and those who can be fussy in the mouth tend to go extremely well in the Cambridge snaffle as it is simple and very soft.

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