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Komodo UVB T8 Fluorescent Bulbs

  • 2% UVB » 15w 45cm Bulb £11.99
  • 2% UVB » 18w 60cm Bulb £14.99
  • 2% UVB » 25w 75cm Bulb £16.99
  • 5% UVB » 10w 35cm Bulb £14.49
  • 5% UVB » 15w 45cm Bulb £14.99
  • 5% UVB » 18w 60cm Bulb £16.99
  • 5% UVB » 25w 75cm Bulb £19.49
  • 10% UVB » 18w 60cm Bulb £18.49
  • 10% UVB » 25w 75cm Bulb £20.50

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Komodo UVB T8 Fluorescent Bulbs provide normal light and also UVA and UVB rays for reptiles. These UVB tubes provide high levels of UVB, suitable for most reptile species that enjoy the sun and those active mainly during the day, such as Bearded Dragons, Mediterranean Tortoises, and many Freshwater Turtles. UVB enables the production of vitamin D3 for healthy bones and helps prevent metabolic bone disease in captive reptiles. UVA is also required by reptiles to help stimulate feeding, digestion and the immune system.

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