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Ketofen contains the anti-inflammatory drug ketoprofen. Ketofen talets are normally used to treat pain and inflammation associated with injuries in dogs and cats as well as for the long term treatment of arthritis in dogs. A higher dose rate (1mg/kg) is used following injury for a period up to 5 days. A lower dose rate (0.25mg/kg) is used for treating arthritis which maybe maintained for a month or longer upon the advice of the veterinary surgeon.

Ketofen injection can be used in dogs and cats, or at a higher strength in horses, cattle and pigs.

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Does it work?

12th Dec 2014
Elizabeth Pryor

How does this drug work? My 6yr old horse has just started treatment with it for a low level osteosteoarthritis in his right front fetlock. Can he lead a normal riding club level type life? How many years will he be rideable for?

  • Non-Executive Director

Ketofen is an anti-inflammatory drug which provides some relief from pain. It will not cure the arthritis in any way, bit helps reduce the symptoms. However arthritis varies considerably between different individuals and it is very difficult to predict how it will progress over time. Lots of factors can influence it. General advice would be to keep exercise to a moderate level. Strenuous or prolonged periods of exercise should always be avoided. Ideally a similar daily routine should be maintained every day, rather than some days with minimal exercise and others which much more. Provide a gentle warm-up period at the start of exercise and very importantly keep the horse slightly lean. Many horses with arthritis are slightly overweight and many people find this appearance quite pleasing, but it puts a great deal more wear and tear for the joints to deal with. A lean horse will have much less trouble from arthritis. Your horse might do well for many years, but a level of weakness will remain.