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Juwel Aquarium Lighting

  • Colour-Lite Tube » 15w - 438mm T8 £9.49
  • High-Lite Light Unit » 2x24w - 55cm £101.49
  • High-Lite Light Unit » 2x24w - 60cm £103.49
  • High-Lite Light Unit » 2x28w - 80cm £111.99
  • High-Lite Light Unit » 2x28w 70cm £110.49
  • High-Lite Light Unit » 2x35w - 92cm £123.49
  • Warm-Lite Tube » 15w - 438mm T8 £9.49

Selection of 7 products from

£9.49 to £123.49

A range of aquarium tube lighting and replacement hoods to suit most freshwater and marine aquariums. The linear fluorescent lamps deliver a cool, bright light or a warm, natural light to stimulate open water lighting conditions and enhance the well-being of your fish.

Please Note: All High-Lite Light Units do not come with tubes.

Colour-Lite Tubes

The Juwel Colour-Lite tube creates a stimulating red light in your aquarium. The specific Colour-Lite spectrum is perfect for highlighting the many red and blue tones of your fish and plants.

Warm-Lite Tubes

The special Warm-Lite light spectrum promotes plant photosynthesis, whilst highlighting the green colours in your aquarium.

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