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Johnsons Cat Flea Cleansing Shampoo

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Cat Flea Cleansing Shampoo is a citrus-based feline cleaning product, formulated to help repel fleas. The natural herbal extracts in the shampoo promote a healthy looking coat, whilst being non-irritant making it suitable for regular use if necessary.

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Advice for my cat

22nd Nov 2014

Hello. My 2 year old cat seems to always have fleas, she doesn't leave the garden she won't take the flea tablet. The spot on flea stuff doesn't seem to be working but I'm not sure if to try the flea shampoo as I don't want to stress her out putting her in the bath. What else can I do?? My other cat doesn't seem to have fleas.

  • Non-Executive Director

If you apply them correctly, the flea spot-on products are very effective. You are probably still seeing fleas because there are so many in the environment where this cat goes and she is particularly attractive to them. When this happens, the situation normally lasts for a couple of month's worth of treatment. When the fleas are finally defeated, the last product used might be given the credit In fact flea have been dying off for the whole time, but more fleas have been jumping onto the cat.

I would suggest you apply a good spot-on according to its directions to both cats (even if you do not see them on the other cat) and ideally spray the house with a suitable product too. The fleas will go in time, whatever you use. Personally I would suggest using Clearspot and Indorex Spray but there are lots of choices. I would not think about a shampoo, there is no point unless you want to shampoo the cat anyway for other reasons.