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Imac Spare Clip On Bird Cage Perch

  • Pack of 3 £1.39

A trio of sturdy clip on perches for a variety of small bird species. Great for adding a resting place to your bird's cage or enclosure.

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What size are these and are they adjustable

13th Aug 2015
Janet Smith

I have an IMAC Irene 2 bird cage, and because our budgie has chewed one of his perches, supplied with the cage I am keen to replace the perch. Would these fit my cage or would they be adjustable if too big.

  • Non-Executive Director

These perches should fit your cage. However simple wooden doweling makes a better perch in many ways. It is good for birds to have something to chew and their claws wear much better on wooden perches than hollow, open-bottomed plastic perches. In fact there is something to be said for using natural, very small branches, cut from suitable trees which have been cut to size and fitted by any handy person. You can leave the bark on. The variable diameter provides better exercise for the feet and the claws wear better, as well as providing something to chew on. They are also very cheap to replace. Suitable woods are most of the common hardwoods, such as apple, pear, oak, ash, beech. They do not look as clinically clean, but it is a matter of taste. Always position perches of any type to allow freedom of movement and not above something else, or droppings will land on it.