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Imac Fantasy Hamster Cage

  • 58 x 38 x 38cm £35.99

The Imac Fantasy Hamster Cage is a modern design, pastel coloured hamster / gerbil cage with a plastic top containing additional living space. It comes complete with a wheel & internal tubing.

Please note that it comes in assorted colours which are randomly allocated.

Use the Imac fantasy expansion kit to add more levels.

Please be aware, the RSPCA recommend the minimum size a permenant cage for a Syrian hamster should be is 75cm x 40cm x 40cm. Smaller cages are only suitable for temporary homes. For a permanent home suitable for a Syrian hamster, have a look at the Imac Criceti 16 Hamster Cage.

Bar Spacing - approximately 10.2mm

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Bar spacing

16th Sep 2015

What is the barspacing?

  • Marketing Analyst

Hi Nicole,

The space between the bars is approximately 1cm.

Would the cage be suitable for a Winter White hamster?

12th Dec 2013

Are the bars close enough together for a winter white hamster?

Richard Spratley
  • Web Developer

Yes the bars are close together enough to house small hamsters, like the Winter White Hamster.