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Horsewise Cush Ease Formula

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Horsewise Cush Ease Formula Is An Aid To Help Horses/ Ponies Suffering From Cushing'S Disease. The Clinical Signs Of Cushings Disease Include: A Failure To Shed Coat In Spring, The Coat May Become Long, Thick And Matted. The Horse Or Pony May Lose Weight Despite An Increased Appetite. They May Become Diabetic, And They Therefore Drink Excessively. If Stabled You Will Notice Their Bedding Is Quickly Soaked. They Show Filling Above The Eyes And They May Become Depressed And Ill Looking, With Dull Eyes And A Loss Of Shine On Their Coat. The Body Shape Of The Horse/Pony Changes So That They Lose Muscle Mass, Developing A Dipped Back, Poorly Muscled Neck And Quarters With A Pendulous Abdomen. Some Horses/Ponies May Also Develop Laminitis On A Regular Basis. Horsewise Cush Ease Helps To Enhance The Horse Or Pony'S Zest For Life, Improves Appetite And Reduces Thirst Back To A Normal Level. Horsewise Cush Ease Helps Them To Maintain A Normal Coat And Return To A Normal Outline Because Cush Ease Cannot Address The Cause Of Cushing'S Disease (I.E. Growth Of A Tumour On The Pituitary Gland), The Biscuits Will Need To Be Fed Permanently. Lenrys Horsewise Chinese Herbal Formulas Work On The Whole Body And It'S Organs Through The Immune System. The Special Combination Of Herbs Within Each Formula Supports The Horse'S Immune System, Thus Promoting Health And Well-Being. All Formulas Are Completely Safe And Have Been Approved By Leading Equine Veterinary Practices. Lenrys Horsewise Have Formulated Each Formula Of Chinese Herbs Into A Biscuit That Horses Absolutely Love. Give The Biscuits 2 Hours Before Or After Concentrate Feed. As There Is No Weighing Or Measuring The Administration Is Fuss-Free And Easy. As The Herbs Are Fed On An Empty Stomach The Powerful Effectiveness Of The Herbs Is Absorbed Straight Into The Blood Stream. The Horsewise Biscuits Need To Given As A Course And It Is Important That The Course Be Completed.

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