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Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Dental Care Cat Food

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Hills T/D available from VioVet

Most modern cat foods can be associated with the build up of plaque and tartar on cats teeth. This is even true of many dried kibble or biscuit diets. (When the tooth applies pressure to a hard biscuit, the biscuit can shatter, producing crumbs which mix with saliva and leave a coating of food debris on the teeth.) Hill's Prescription t/d is different due to a meshwork of tiny fibres which are formed throughout the kibble. The kibble itself is less brittle so that the tooth will sink into it before splitting, so mechanically cleaning the sides of the tooth in a way which cannot happen with many traditional hard kibbles. Hill's t/d might well be the best commercial diet available for keeping cats teeth clean and the mouth healthy.

Feeding Guide

These ranges are a starting point only, because cats' needs vary. Adjust the feeding amount to maintain optimal body weight.

Body Weight kg Dry grams
2 35 - 45
3 45 - 65
4 55 - 80
5 65 - 95
6 75 - 105
7 + 13 - 15 per kg

Kibble image

Hills Prescription Diet t/d key benefits

Key Features Key Benefits
Total fibre
Alignment of fibres
Kibble size
Fibre matrix resists crumbling. Kibble engulfs tooth before it splits and fibres wipe the tooth surface.
Protein Controlled Helps limit a component of plaque.
Calcium Controlled Helps limit the mineralisation of plaque to tartar.
Magnesium Phosphorus Controlled Supports urinary tract health.
Target urinary pH Acid: pH 6.2 -6.4 Supports urinary tract health.
Superior antioxidant formula Added Neutralises free radicals to aid dental health.


Chicken and turkey meal, ground maize, ground rice, maize gluten meal, cellulose, animal fat, vegetable oil, digest, potassium chloride, calcium sulphate, salt, DL-methionine, dicalcium phosphate, taurine. Contains EU approved antioxidant.


Average Nutritional Contents

As Fed Dry Matter kcal/100g
Beta-carotene 1.5 mg/kg 1.6 mg/kg 0.04 mg
Calcium 0.89 % 0.97 % 252 mg
Carbohydrate (NFE) 31 % 33.9 % 8.8 g
Fat 15.6 % 17 % 4.4 g
Fibre (crude) 7.5 % 8.2 % 2.1 g
Magnesium 0.06 % 0.07 % 18 mg
Moisture 8.5 % - 2.4 g
Omega-3 fatty acids 0.23 % 0.25 % 64 mg
Omega-6 fatty acids 3.07 % 3.35 % 869 mg
Phosphorus 0.71 % 0.78 % 200 mg
Potassium 0.69 % 0.75 % 194 mg
Protein 32 % 35 % 9.1 g
Sodium 0.3 % 0.33 % 86 mg
Taurine 0.16 % 0.18 % 47 mg
Vitamin A 10100 IU/kg 11038 IU/kg 286 IU
Vitamin C 70 mg/kg 77 mg/kg 2 mg
Vitamin D 520 IU/kg 568 IU/kg 15 IU
Vitamin E 550 mg/kg 601 mg/kg 16 mg

Metabolisable Energy

As Fed Dry Matter
kcal/100g 353 386
kJ/100g 1477 1614
Target urinary pH 6.2 - 6.4

Additional information

  • Clinically proven to reduce gingivitis and the build-up of tartar, plaque and stain.
  • t/d™ Feline is most effective when,
    • used on clean teeth (following an initial professional cleaning)
    • fed as the sole maintenance food
    • fed dry (adding water prevents effective cleaning).
  • Contains no mineral abrasives or active chemicals.
  • Other dental home care methods are recommended, if possible, e.g. regular tooth brushing.

Recommended for

  • Dental plaque, stain and tartar (calculus)
  • Oral malodour
  • Gingivitis

Not recommended for

  • Kittens
  • Pregnant or lactating queens
  • Cats concurrently receiving urinary acidifiers
  • Cats with severe periodontal disease, without appropriate assessment and treatment

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Reviews of Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Dental Care Cat Food

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Questions & Answers for Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Dental Care Cat Food

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Dental Care Cat Food, including answers from our team.

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Can on old cat with other issues use this

13th Aug 2016
Calum Wilson (mel15rose)
  • VioVet Customer Since: November 2014
  • From: Borders, United Kingdom

Hi, had our old cat to the vet last night and the vet said that his teeth were wuite bad with a buid up of plaque. I volunteer at a local pet rescue centre and one of the cats there took these. My cat is 16, wighs 5.7kgs, takes loxicom for arthritis in his back adn also youmove. He has had ctystals in his bladder too and occasionally gets urinary biscuits/meat. Would these be suitable for him? Even a small amount mixed with his food? If not suitable what else could you recommend? Thanks.

  • Veterinary Advisor

This food would be ideal for your cat and helping to remove the plaque from his teeth. It is perfectly safe to give in conjunction with Yumove and Loxicom.

What is the protein content of the t/d

2nd Mar 2015
Mrs Whitlock

what is the protein content of the t/d

  • Non-Executive Director

Protein content is 32% as fed, or 35% on a dry matter basis.