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Hikari Micro Coated Pellets Fish Food

  • Pellets » 1kg Bag £98.99

Hikari Micro Coated Pellets provide complete nutrition for small-mouthed tropical fish, including barbs and tetras, helping to promote their natural vibrant colouration. The pellets are semi-floating to suit mid-water feeders and will not cloud the water when fed daily, containing nutritious plant matter, fish meal and abundant vitamins and minerals.


  • Red - High quality fishmeal and well balanced amino acids offering excellent palatability
  • Green - High in plant matter and dietary fibre to help maintain healthy growth rates
  • Yellow - Vitamins and minerals to help reduce stress whilst activating the immune system
  • Excellent alternative to flake foods
  • Advanced manufacturing technology means every pellet is coated with a very thin layer which locks all of the nutrition inside, preventing it from being lost through dissipation
  • Helps tropical fish maintain brilliant colours all year round

Ideal for

Tetras, Barbs and other Small Mouthed Tropical Fish.

Feeding guidelines

Feed 2 to 4 times daily the amount your pet will consume within a few minutes. Always remove any uneaten food after the feeding period.

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