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55 Healthy food with noticeable benefits
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By Suz N on 24 January 2017

I took my cockatiel Marley to the vets 2 months ago as I was concerned about his poops. She examined him and said he was fit and healthy but recommended this Harrison's pellet diet over seeds. It took a couple of weeks to wean Marley onto the pellets (he thinks seeds are MUCH tastier!) but boy am I glad I did it. He has barely touched his cuttlefish bone since, which tells me that the pellets are giving him all the nutrients and minerals he needs.
I also went into my local pet shop - where I bought Marley from in July - a couple of weeks ago and noticed they had 2 cockatiels waiting to be sold. I spoke to the shop owner, one of them was exactly the same age as Marley, probably his brother. This bird was being fed a mixed seed diet, and was noticeably different. His feathers looked scruffier and the crest on top of his head was half the length and volume of Marley's. Don't get me wrong, this bird was happy and whistling and beautiful, but I could see the differences. I am convinced that this is because I feed Marley on this Harrison's pellet diet and let him fly around the living room every day.
I would definitely recommend this product, your bird will thank you for it!

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45 Harrisons high potency fine bird food
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By Brenda Hammett on 9 October 2016

Good product all sales expected (had before)

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15 Not Fine or Superfine
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By Katherine Goldup on 10 September 2016

I can't get mt budgie to eat this food. I think the pieces are too big for him. I thought ordering fine/superfine it would be like Trill. Have to try grinding it down and see if budgie will eat it then. Been a waste of money from my perspective.

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55 harrison bird food
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By Barbara Harvey on 6 September 2016

I am very pleased with this product, but Charlie the budgie will not eat it. I have cut down her last food the last owner gave her and slowly increased harrisons food .I even tried grinding it a little for smaller bits but no go. I will continue to give it to her. My vet advised to get your product so it must be great

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55 harrisons fine & super fine bird food
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By Bernard Harris on 2 August 2016

very good and I only feed my bird on it.

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