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Summary of Reviews for Harrison's Adult Lifetime Coarse Bird Food

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12 out of 12 (100%) customers would recommend this product.
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55 My parrot loves it every time
Verified Purchase

By Peter Wood on 14 October 2018


Customer recommends this product

55 Great Food
Verified Purchase

By Scott Sherwood on 14 September 2018

This is Billy's staple food. It has got everything a parrot needs. I know, it's not cheap but it is worth it. Don't feed your bird on seed alone. Billy does still get seed but as a treat and when it's gone, it's on to the green stuff. I'm being asked for tastiness and pet's opinion. Yes, he is a parrot but he only says 'Hello'! I'm putting good because it does get eaten.

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55 Bought this for my amazon jasper
Verified Purchase

By Tracy Hartshorn on 22 May 2017

I have always bought Harrison's,it's organic and a complete safe food for my jasper ,he is now 16 yr old and I wouldn't have him on anything else..I see so many people feed there parrots on sun flower seed mix and it's just not good for them. As a treat occasionally,not a full diet!!

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55 Best way to keep your bird happy and healthy!!
Verified Purchase

By Steve Cutts on 1 May 2017

When we took on our Galah several years ago she was on a typical diet of mixed parrot food from the local garden centres, which we continued as most people do....until our 1st vet visit after a few months....she is an avian specialist and very quickly showed concern during the examination. 'The birdy is fat!' she pronounced. Not only this but heart and liver functions were impaired, breathlessness, loss of energy other symptoms of having a very enjoyable but fat-dominated diet. She recommended Harrison's and although it took us a couple of months to convert her we're incredibly happy with the result. After just a few months we noticed the difference, less moods and biting, soooo much more energy, she now flies round the house and even upstairs without any panting, whereas previously just 2 laps of the lounge would leave her gasping for breath! Conversion is a case of trial and error but we simply gave her fresh, slightly dampened pellets in the morning then just a few seeds in the evening. She soon worked out it was all she was getting and I honestly think she enjoys it as she still takes it straight from the bowl beforeeven getting into her cage.... This lifetime version is intended for after being converted on the 'high potency' version. That said we mix her food with 4 parts lifetime to 1 part high potency, just feels like a bit of a treat and she still loves it and 2 consecutive years of all clears from the vet, she says 'she's like a new birdy' :-)

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45 Harrison's lifetime coarse
Verified Purchase

By Malco Winter on 29 April 2017

Excellent quality and no waste

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