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Habitrail Cage Sets for Hamsters

  • Loft » 33 x 51 x 28cm £50.50
  • Ovo Cage Suite » 56 x 67 x 36cm £32.50
  • Ovo Connector » 3 Piece £3.79

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The Habitrail Twist is an innovative, life-enriching habitat design, developed to enhance the life of your hamster or mouse, while providing a unique and purposeful environment to keep both critter and owner entertained. The Habitrail Twist provides a 360 degree view through transparent components and is distinctively designed to ensure the safety, health and vitality of your small pet, with rounded edges to prevent troublesome gnawing, and elevated feeding areas to reduce waste and bedding litter getting into the food.

Please be aware, the RSPCA recommend the minimum size a permenant cage for a Syrian hamster should be is 75cm x 40cm x 40cm. Smaller cages are only suitable for temporary homes.

The Habitrail Twist has been purposefully built to imitate a hamster’s natural habitat in the wild, with separate chambers for food storage and sleeping, something that cannot be achieved in a conventional hamster cage. Child owners can also tire of the novelty and neglect to exercise their hamsters, however, with the Habitrail Twist the novelty can be recognised again and again by adding to the habitat with unique, boredom-alleviating Add-On items.

These Add-On items are escape-proof, ventilated and fun, and help enrich the life of your hamster as well as keeping a child owner entertained with the construction process. The Habitrail Ovo Loft can be attached to the main Habitrail and has an elevated feeding area, water bottle and chewable maze. Likewise, the Habitrail Ovo Den provides an additional sleeping compartment for your hamster, adding variety and encouraging movement from the central Habitrail. All Habitrail Add-Ons come with complete assembly instructions and are guaranteed to improve the health and happiness of your hamster.

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