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Global Herbs Antisuck for Horses

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Global Herbs Antisuck is a blend used to maintain a calm and comfortable stomach. Some horses do get a little uncomfortable in this area and will attempt to fill their stomachs with air to try and get back to normal. This may be particularly noticable after eating hard feed at any time of day because of the discomfort that starts at such times. In other horses there may be no clear link between feeding and behavioural problems.


  • Normalised Acid levels

Many nutrients can help horses in such situations but those in ‘AntiSuck’ are particularly effective. Sometimes horses get used to gulping air down and the issue lies in the ‘mind’ but almost always there is a more rational explanation. Get some good advice from your vet and behaviourist and after this you may find that a little ‘AntiSuck’ is a great help for normal stomach acid levels. The use of AntiSuck can help you and your vet decide whether you are dealing with a digestive or a psychological issue.


  • Fenugreek
  • Pig berry
  • Amla berry
  • Liquorice

How To Use

To start use two blue 25ml scoops twice daily. Use at this level for two months and then phone us to discuss at what level to continue.

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