Global Herbs Psyllium for Horses

Global Herbs Psyllium for Horses
1kg Tub

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  • 1kg Tub £32.49


Psyllium husks help to keep your horses bowels clear of sand build up and debris. Psyllium is particularly useful as a feed additive if pasture is sandy and your horse is prone to constipation and discomfort. If you suspect your horse has colic always contact your vet.


Naturally clears build up in the bowels Gentle and soothing action


  • Plantago Husks


Feed 8 x 25ml level scoops daily for an average 500kg horse. Reduce to 2-4 scoops daily for maintenance levels. Psyllium can be fed throughout the year.

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55 Great product
Verified Purchase

By on 5 June 2020

As above

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45 Reducing risk of sand colic
Verified Purchase

By on 19 June 2017

Bought product on recommendation of vet after horse had been licking soil in a sandy paddock.

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55 excellent service,
Verified Purchase

By on 8 January 2017

extremem;y useful product, my only critisim is the tub size. Can we not have larger tubs as my horse is on 500grms daily recommended by vets due to sand colic

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55 clears any build up of sand in the gut
Verified Purchase

By on 1 June 2015

the 1kg tub was just big enough to do the 5 day clear out for all 3 cobs and the mini Shetland.
iv used this product whenever my horses are on sandy ground as its been recommended by vets to reduce the risk enteroliths forming in the gut and causing blockages

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Q & A

Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Global Herbs Psyllium for Horses, including answers from our team.

13 February 2020 at 8:47pm

Quantity of product recommeded

Margaret Burnett

  • VioVet customer since 2018
  • From: West Lothian, United Kingdom

No scoop or measure of required dose

  • VioVet Staff


Thank you for getting in touch.

The amount needed is 20g per 100kg bodyweight in feed for 5 days. Lower levels can be used for longer periods to help in long-term problems.

Hope that helps.

25 September 2014 at 3:10pm


Brenda Edwards

  • VioVet customer since 2013
  • From: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Feeding per body weight for 5 days or lesser amount for ongoing problems. What would be the dossage for a horse that is subject to colic?

  • VioVet Staff

The manufacturers recommend giving 20g per 100kg body weight in feed for 5 days. Lower levels can then be used for longer periods if they are proving to be effective. You would gradually reduce the amount to half and then a quarter of the above. This might be helpful, depending on the underlying reason for the colic. Your worm control should be good of course.

4 September 2014 at 1:00pm

Do I add water to physillium husks


Just wondering whether I need to add water to physillium husks before feeding? As it swells when wet was concerned given dry might be problematic but assumed it would work better if it swells in the gut??

  • VioVet Staff

It should be dampened before given to the horse, but does not need to be soaked. It will gradually swell up more after being swallowed, but this is not a problem if you give the correct amount (approximately 20g per 100kg of horse).

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